Friday, July 20, 2012

Odd Echo brings together an AWESOME group of Vintage Creatives....!!!!!

Morning Treasure Hunters....!!

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who attended the opening of the inaugural Odd Echo Vintage Show yesterday....It was WONDERFUL to see so many familiar faces as well as a host of NEW ones....A SPECIAL THANKS to the GORGEOUS Nic over at Yardage Design who gave me some INVALUABLE Instagram advice....**wink**....!!

As this will be my last post regarding this particular event, I would like to take a moment to thank Kat Tidcombe from Odd Echo for all her hard work putting this Show together....Having taken on this task myself with the Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza, I'm well aware of the planning & minute detail required & take my hat off to her for her efforts....I'm looking forward to the next one already....!!!

Now before I run you through these pics, there are a few vendors I missed capturing....The reason for this is twofold....I was using my iPhone & the light in some areas was unforgiving (ESPECIALLY in the Vintage Clothing room....!!!!!) creating pics TOO blurry or glare ridden to post OR the Vendor was still getting ready & their space had boxes & wrapping paper all over the place....!!!  As it is the pics I've included in this post are NOWHERE near as sharp as I'd like but I want to share a TASTE of what we put together for you....!!!!!

Ok....Here we go....
Shabby Vintage Junk

Odd Echo

Ingrid from flotsam

Nicole (Milkbar Vintage), Shelley & Kelly from Suburban Vintage (ALL based at Waverley A&C)


Fiona from Lair

Well I must away....I have a HUGE day in front of me....The Collingwood Masonic Hall will be open again today from 10am to 6pm (FREE ENTRY) & THEN we all need to break our spaces down, pack up & head home to UNLOAD, redistribute....

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)

*** NB:  I attempted to take pics of the Vendors I missed in the main hall again yesterday after posting these pics with no JOY....My apologies to the following:

Annamaria from Vintage Culture Melbourne
The GORGEOUS Laura from Interior Hunter
Trish Hunter from Trish Hunter Finds


  1. I would've been like a kid in a lolly shop!

  2. WOW!!!!
    I could do some serious shopping there!
    Thanks for the concern about my recent kidney stone..all better!
    Are you coming to Junk Bonanza in Sept??

  3. Lots and lots of lovelies, but I love your little black phone! What a fantastic selection from all. I would be stuck in there for hours and would leave penniless!@ Tam x

    p.s. Don't you hate the packing up bit...yuck.

  4. OMG, I looked at those pictures over and over again. What eye candy! That is one of those places you love and hate, love because you want EVERYTHING, hate because you can't buy EVERYTHING. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. OMG, thats all I can say and that I will go away and cry now, cos I live in Adelaide and you dont..........

  6. Wow, I am so inspired now to spruce up my booth spaces. Thanks for the eye candy. I see lots of stuff I'd have purchased.


  7. Some fantastic collections there. Those speaker / case things look amazing.

  8. Thank you so very MUCH for the prayers for my BFF! It means so much to me and it's deeply appreciated!

  9. Gorgeous pieces!
    My partner and I just purchased one of your pieces from the Amazing Mill Markets today, (the large black cupboard unit that was reduced in price to $280). We were wondering if you had any information about this piece, where it came from, how old it is.. any about its history really.. We love it in our home and would like to know more about it if possible. :)