Monday, July 9, 2012

Necessity has and ALWAYS will be the mother of invention....

Or in this case....The mother of MOTIVATION....!

Back on the 25th June my Junk Buddy Sue over at VRS posted the following....

"I know we all just want to junk and hoard, and then (maybe) sell, but the reality is that we're running businesses. It may not feel like it when you're blissfully amassing awesome junky finds, but in the minds of the IRS, and in your heart, you know the numbers need to add up.
The beauty of it is that ultimately, YOU are in control of it. Unless you're entirely dependent on junking for your income, so what if you skipped restocking this weekend? What's gonna happen if you don't blog for a week?
But, the fact remained: I had to kick my junky @ss into place. Accordingly, I've adopted a 6-week plan. It's not much of a plan, but a plan it is. I've vowed that for the next 6 weeks, I will do SOMETHING to advance my business in some way.
Some days, it's the drudgery of listing items on etsy (yay, almost doubled my listings this weekend!). Other days, it's the necessities: today I repurchased my domain name, which (ssshhh) had lapsed. Yeah, I haven't done a damned thing with a real website, but I need to own it. This week, I'm opening a shop on Supadupa to sell items that aren't right for the booth, and are not allowed on etsy. Hopefully, most days will involve BUYING, my ab-fab activity."
Sue's words really resonated with me as I'd been feeling quite overwhelmed with the amount of work I had to do AFTER the SVJ Shop opening & it got me to thinking about my time management skills which seem to be sorely lacking of late....
Now this in itself isn't necessarily a simple task....I mean....I find it hard most days to focus on one thing....I have so many ideas & thoughts crashing about upstairs it makes for quite a noisy place....
SO I took this lampshade that's been sitting naked on a standard lamp near the telly forever into the SVJ shop at Waverley Antiques & Collectibles Bazaar to work on in between Customers....
'Cause for some reason, when I'm working on something fiddly like this (maybe it's the PIN factor)....My mind is quiet....
All of the half baked thought ideas....Doubting Thomas's inane chatter....The revisional 'catch up lists'....The guilt over not managing to be ALL things at ALL times for my business & Mr SVJ....
Subsided and allowed me to think....Clearly....And it came to me....Sometimes it's OK to ask for help....And so I did....

I've spoken with a number of small vintage business owners re getting together on a monthly basis to discuss ways to achieve a WORK / LIFE balance while growing our businesses ....Additional income streams, goal setting, cross promotion via Blogging & Facebook & EVENTS will also be a prime focus....We'll also discuss all the totally BORING paperwork & accounting 'issues' we ignore need to deal with....!!

When we meet the following month, we'll discuss how successful we've been at achieving our goals & work at resolving issues we've experienced during the month....

I'm REALLY looking forward to it....

And I'm ALSO looking forward to the Odd Echo - Odd Vintage Wares Show which kicks off on Friday 20th July with an AWESOME Early Bird preview at 12noon....If you don't have your ticket yet you best hurry....HURRY....H.U.R.R.Y & let Kat Tidcombe know you're  keen to secure your entry via email at: ....!!!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)

OH PS:  One of the challenges I'll be working on  this month will be listing on Etsy....You may have noticed I have my Etsy ShabbyVintageJunk Shop once again (it's been a YEAR) sitting on my sidebar....!!!!!


  1. I try to restock every week at the 2 shops that we sell at...and it does pay off when I DO IT!
    Thanks for the reminder!! It's been too hot and I've been to lazy

  2. I think having a network of like-minded individuals is a great idea. When y'all come up with totally doable way of keeping up with the accounting end...share. That seems to be the one area where I'm the most lax...or clueless!
    Being one's own boss is a huge responsibility. I first asked myself if I would want me as an employee. Looking at the list of applicants and finding only my name...I said yes. I sure hope I don't regret my!

  3. Having a montly meeting with other small business owners is great! I used to do it (think I need to get back into it) It really holds you accountable, and it's hugely motivating. (Did I mention FUN too??) Thanks for the reminder.
    Kris of Cricket Acres Studio & BarnLoft

  4. I'm with you Tamarah, this business is giving me a headache. My catch word "I need to be organised" is not working. Definitely need some help and inspiration with that.


  5. Totally agree with you Tamarah.
    Let me know when you organized a meeting for like minded people. I will be there too.

    Julie x

  6. Just finding your blog. I love your writing style and the good down to earth advice. I'm a new follower. Love your pearls of wisedom!

  7. Good to see you've finished the lamp shade you were working on when I called in to see you at Waverley. Love it