Monday, February 27, 2012

A FEW Thrifted Treasures to see me through a RAINY day....!

Howdy Fellow Recyclers....!

I hope as always this post finds you well & happy....!  Following the heat over the weekend Melbourne has had two days of rain....Alas....As MUCH as we need it, it's DEVASTATING for those of us who like to 'shop' the Hard Rubbish as perfectly WONDERFUL pieces tend to become soggy messes when it rains....**sigh**....Nevertheless....I did manage to snag this BEAUTIFUL painting yesterday....She was sitting under a tree on top of a box & was PERFECTLY dry when I spied her....**HAPPY DANCE in the middle of the street**....!!!!!!

This is by far & away the OLDEST painting I've ever found....PRE Victorian at a guess....! 
She has a couple of tears which hemming tape at the back will fix enough for me to enjoy her....LUCKILY, these MINOR (to me) blemishes are nowhere near her beautiful face & torso....!!! 
....Breathtaking no....!! 
I'm getting a head start on Mr SVJ's Christmas present with this book....He's a Master Cabinet Maker so I'm hoping the 'amateur' reference won't offend him as he DOES think quite highly of his skills....!!

The calendar tea towel was a LUCKY find this morning....It's the FIRST one I've found 'in the wild' in almost 10 years....KEEPER....!! 
Love....LOVE....L-O-V-E vintage bias, ric-rak & hem tape & ALWAYS snap it up when it crosses my path....! 
SPUNKY red Faigen leather clutch & Aussie Oroton purse....Straight to the POOL ROOM with these...hahahahaha....**wink**....! 
Did a little happy JIG in the Op-Shop when I spied this linen tea towel with union jack motif....!!

Well that it's from me for the day....I'm hoping to get around tonight to visit some of my FAVE blogs....FINGERS CROSSED....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)


  1. OMG 1970 its the year I was born....can you part with it, please, please, please.....

  2. Wow - that painting is incredible - you can pretend she's some ancestor from way back when! How could anyone part with that?
    Love the books too.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Nice finds, Tamarrah. Especially love the painting! Happy Hunting. :)

  4. The painting is off the chain. Also the Union Jack is awesome. I just found an enormous sewing box full of vintage sewing notions that I love but I do not sew at all. I do mend by hand though. happy hunting, olive

  5. You never cease to amaze me with what you find!! I love the picture, I can't imagine someone throwing that out!

  6. That painting is amazing! Good eye! You always find the best stuff.

  7. I LOVE the painting! I'm sure the previous owners thought it was junk with the tears, but we all know that's simply not true. My favorite painting has worse tears than that. Sooo not junk! (Come to think of it, most of the actual canvas paintings I have, and that's not many, have tears in them.)

  8. OMG! Tam, the painting is awesome! Surely that would have to be the find of the century, so lucky it didn't get wet feet! Hope you are enjoying the lovely weather..haha

  9. Oh my you found some great treasures. It won't be long before you'll be in junkers heaven! I'm not sure if you can find the magazine at Wal-mart or not, I'm still trying to find it too. Have a great weekend, T

  10. You are kind leaving that lovely message Tamara .... Maybe see you Sunday..... I love that paintinng of the lady xxxxxx

  11. Hi Just came across your Blog and Love it - painting is amazing...
    I'm going to be checking out your blog regularly ......and as for your Blog list thats going to keep me a happy blogger for hours....

  12. Painting is Amazing
    Thanks for stopping By my Blog
    Hope you follow back