Friday, August 5, 2011

Trish Hunter Finds....One of my FAVE reasons for heading to the Market....!

Hey Fellow Gleaners....!

I trust you've all had a FAB week....!! Can you believe the weekend's here already....WOOHOO....I can only IMAGINE the Treasures awaiting us all....  :o) !!

I'm ESPECIALLY looking forward to Sunday as I'll be at the Camberwell Market selling my junk, meeting Friends old & new PLUS there's the added BONUS of catching up with the GORGEOUS Trish Hunter from Trish Hunter Finds....!

If you haven't met Trish before, you need to pop over quick smart & have a read of her blog....As a matter of FACT....Trish is the REASON I started blogging....A couple of years ago when I discovered the Blogisphere, I stumbled into Trish's blog & had a BLAST reading back to the beginning....I LOVED the way she took pics of her thrifted outfits at the end of each day expressing her individuality through quirky vintage fashion....And of course I so ENJOYED reading about her thrifted Treasures....!

I finally had the opportunity to meet her in person at the Market last year & was THRILLED to learn she was working towards launching a unique boutique vintage outlet in the form of a mobile caravan shop.  Indeed....Trish & her Dad worked side by side for MANY months to rebuild & outfit the GORGEOUS caravan she takes to the Camberwell Market each & every Sunday.

An ever changing INCREDIBLE collection of mid century retro homewares & vintage clothing now resides within the BEAUTIFULLY outfitted caravan & Camberwell Shoppers have embraced Trish & her business with open arms....!!!

I'm lucky I get to visit with her when it's still dark 'cause once the sun comes up....Trish is one VERY BUSY  lady....!!!!!

*** NB:  All pics are property of Trish Hunter....! ***

I'd be smilin' too I think if I had this GORGEOUS space to show off my Treasures in....!
Can you say, "Cute as a button"....?
Something for EVERYONE....hahahahaha....!!
I've shopped at MANY vintage outlets & I can honestly say I've NEVER seen a NICER selection of vintage clothing....Trish's taste is impeccable & each piece is in next to immaculate condition....!!
I LOVE popping inside each Sunday to see the new pieces Trish has selected for the weekend....!
These genie bottles NEVER last long....
Don't you just LOVE the floor....
I'm HOPING Trish will be able to join us at the next Extravaganza....Now that WOULD be a TREAT....!!

Well I must away....It's just after 12.30am & I need to hit the hay....I hope you all have a WONDERFUL, safe weekend....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)

PS:  Unfortunately, it was overcast when I went down to The Vintage Shed on Thursday & the pics I took are quite fuzzy so I will need to wait until NEXT Thursday to show you my space & introduce you to some more of my Shed Mates....!!!!!


  1. I LOVE her trailer! It's so cute inside, and she does have some great stuff!

    I have an old trailer a lot like that one. I should do something with it.

  2. I love her space and trailer - I will be attending my first vintage fair (I helped to set up) in October do you think she will lend me her trailer???? but she has given me lots of ideas I hope to put into practise and one things for sure I will make sure everything is in tip top condition - non of the old tat for me and my customers.
    Have a lovely weekend I am looking forward to taking charge of my new laptop so non of the crashing and freezing of late should be able to blog like a goodun Oh and its my daughters 30th bash this weekend Oh dear it does make me feel old....
    Beverley xx

  3. That is so Awesome!! What a wonderful way to sell treasures! I better check out her blog!
    Happy Treasure hunting!
    Deb :)

  4. Oh that super cute little caravan is so COOL!! It looks like she has a great range of wares too. Enjoy your weekend :)

  5. have fun, who knows, if the sun shines I may even make a guest appearance at C'well ....LOL I've been threatening for months to come down, but my Doona and I find it hard to part company on sunday mornings.♥

  6. So much fun!! She looks like a doll! Love the ress she is weraing - I think that I would like to try to replicate that - what do you think?? Have fun at the markets on Sunday - hope you have lots of success. Big Kiss! MWAH! Bec x

  7. Inspriational vintage efforts going on over here, that caravan is amazing, what a show case & the ultimate in quirky merchandising to show off the best finds ever. Brilliant name though, Hunter, for someone who hunts & gathers, brilliant, love Posie

  8. Love her caravan!! Adorable!!
    Have a wonderful and profitable weekend!!

  9. Everything about this lady and her trailer is awesome!! So glad you brought my attention to her. Cool!!

  10. I have no idea where to begin Tamarah!! This is truly the nicest compliment I've ever received.
    I can't believe I never knew that I inspired you to blog!! I never new that! That itself is completely re-inspiring to me. Oh my... I just really have no words except thankyou!! Aargh I just want to give you a big fat hug! Next Sunday! Look out!!!
    Ok I'm off to read this again. Completely made my day/week/month. AND Now I want to blog again hehe. xx

  11. Oh.. and thanks to everyone of Tamarah's lovely blog friends for also saying such nice things!! Oh my toes are completely twiddling with 'yippees'

  12. Amazing! Thanks for the link Tam, its great too see such a unique and fabulous idea come to life!

    Hope life is treating you well, Tam x

  13. Hi Tamarah- great post!! And happy one month as a Vintage Shedder! See you down there very soon x Simone

  14. Hi! I love all those things!!!Greetings from romulyyli-blog.

  15. I'm behind on reading blogs so I hope your sale went well last weekend. I enjoyed reading about your friend's wonderful place. It is such a bright and cheery spot....would be so much fun to shop there!
    Have a great week.

  16. Hi old friend! You beat me to it, I had planned on dropping in here to say hello!
    Wow! you're busy as usual and now have a retail spot for all your lusciously shabby vintage junk that you can manage to part with!
    Looks great and I'm sure you will do well there! I see a few things I would not have been able to give up, that little mini dress stand for one! Is there a post on that?
    ok.........I'll go look at more posts I've missed, happy to be here!
    Trish has such a fab vintage trailer (caravan as you say). Popped over to here site too and love it!

  17. Tamara, so good to hear from you!! Does this mean you are coming to the Texas shows. I sure hope so. Would love to see you again. Thanks for wishing my baby a HB. Have a great Sunday, T

  18. I love Trish too, shes gorgeous!
    But since you wont let us comment on your new post, I feel I should say something here...
    WOW!!!! They certainly throw out good stuff down there, Im seriously thinking of moving down, just for the street junk!!Lol, no seriously!!