Wednesday, March 2, 2011

RESCUED & THRIFTED Treasures....I so LOVE my Job....!!!!!

Hello Friends near & far....!

I hope as always, this post finds you all well & enjoying your week....!  I'm having a STELLAR week on the Treasure front which I'm ITCHING to share....Below are just a FEW pieces I've managed to GLEAN since Monday....!!

This cabinet was JUST what I was looking for....Well not EXACTLY but close & I can make it more so by painting it....It's actually covered in a walnut laminate but I'm thinking of painting it white & using it to keep my vintage fabric stash in....  :o)  
This pink Willow bin is a RARE find....Usually when I come across these they are BEYOND salvageable however, aside from the light rust on the inside it's in WONDERFUL condition & the 4 x transfers are COMPLETE....YAYYYYYY....I'll introduce the inside to poly & we're good to go....! 
DELICIOUS frame, ADORABLE blue Willow Kitchen Tidy (oh how I LOVE me some Willow....!!) & one of two small galvanised bins.... 
Wooden tomato crate (keeper), childrens toys (LOVE the little bear....ummmmmm....keeper) & GORGEOUS Wuthering Heights style painting....I didn't take a pic of the back unfortunately of the home made frame braced with pieces of VINTAGE RULER....How neat is THAT....!! 
Two more paintings (on board), the other galvanised bin & a YUMMY Sorbent towel dispenser.... 
Isn't he ADORABLE....LOVE the patina on these two tins....!!!!! 
TO DIE FOR crinkly office basket & DROP DEAD GORGEOUS card box....I have NEVER in all my years RESCUED one of these from the HR....N-E-V-E-R....!!!!! 
SWEET 50's sewing book & wooden office tray.... 
*** sigh *** 
Now for some THRIFTED Treasures.... 
YUMMY wool skirt....Fits like a DREAM around the waist....Not so around my bum....Couple of weeks out in the HR should burn THAT off QUICK SMART....!!  A TINY $5.99 at Savers.... 
DROP DEAD DELICIOUS hand knitted wool shrug in MY colours no less....Absolutely A-D-O-R-E this piece....!!!! 
*** purrrrrr *** 
An old mans hat complete with fly (fishing lure)....You know I can't wear a hat to save myself however, I recently discovered this style SUITS my noggin' so I'm on the hunt & have TWO so far....!!

Well I MUST away....It's almost 12.30am here & I'm pooped....Can you believe it's Thursday tomorrow....And the 3rd of March no less....Where are the days going I ask....??

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)


  1. I would totally agree that you have had a stellar week on the treasure hunt!
    Great finds! Besides the clothes did you find all that in the trash? I'm amazed!!
    I just love reading your posts, they always make me smile!
    Have a great day....I'm just waking up to March 2nd!

  2. I found your blog through Lezlee's blog ( and am loving everything I see. I'm head over heels in love with the galvanized cans you found. I love old metal and wood items. If the metal is a little rusty, all the better. People here in our area never toss good items like you found.

  3. I love the blue trash bin....I would pick that and the pink tub. Lovely finds. Brilliant as usual Tamarah.....

  4. Sigh is right! Love that pink willow bin and the blue tin! All the rest is fab, too. I want to come to Australia!!!

  5. Hello Dahling!!
    You are on a roll and I am so happy for you. Your finds are amamzing and should sell quick as a wink!
    So glad you are enjoying your new job!

  6. Great finds... LOVE that pink bowl!

  7. Love catching up with your blog. I can't believe the things people put out on hard rubbish! You must have a real eye. I never have such luck on the nature strip. I look forward to following your adventures.

  8. Oh so delish, and yes I do believe our office baskets were separated at birth!
    Now, splain to me what a willow bin is, please? Is it what we would call enamelware? I do love the pink and I really, really love the blue!


  9. Awesome, awesome, awesome finds girl! You do have a eye for the pickings. So glad you are having fun doing what you love.
    I heart your thrift finds too. They are gorgeous! All three of them. x

  10. Oh that shrug is really cute. You found some great stuff. Especially like the blue pail and the frame!

  11. You are on a roll! Great finds. I'm loving the buckets and the frame.

  12. You are so lucky!! Love that hat!!!

  13. Great finds Tamarah! It's hard to believe how much great things people put in the trash. It's waste. Lucky that you will be there to rescue it. Have fun!!


  14. Hi Tamarah....another LOT of fab finds...

    Hey I am coming over the bridge to find things!!~~

    lol...xx andrea...

  15. Hello dear friend..thanks for checking up on us all here..really sweet of you : ) Love that pink babies bath (ha ha) so useful..for all kinds of things in the garden through summer & even washing small children in ; ) VERY cute tomato the horse (looks a bit like a camel) & rider stuck on top?? hard to tell from HERE. Aren't those old card boxes so cute & a hoot. Nah, the winter clothes are just plain scary!!!! put them AWAY.. it's only just autumn yet!! Don't work too hard dearie. Much love Catherine xo

  16. Wow...what great treasures!! The hat is the iciing on it all!!

  17. oh what finds! the pink bath is exactly what Mum had for me and my sister (1948/1952) and for years after it was in the garage and was used regularly outside as the Dog's Bath. Our corgi would hide under the bed if he saw dad getting it out of the garage. .. sweet memories.

  18. shrugalicious - i am smitten by the little kitten too!

  19. wow such awesome finds! i adore that gorgeous card box...

  20. Oh what great finds Tamarah. My boys (30 & 28) had one of those horses with a soldier on it. How I wish I had hung onto it instead of handing it on to relatives who probably threw it out......

  21. I'll say it again... you are the queen of HR! I love the card boxes, but the crinkly office tray also tickles my fancy... not to mention the kitchen tidy... oh! and the kitten too...

  22. These are great finds, i love the little kitten:)

  23. Wow. I'm just in awe of your finding skills! I love the blue bin and the frame.

  24. I could not keep up with how much I love that I wanted to comment on!! The letter tray; the dress book; the pink tub, the bear...and that soldier on the white horse??...I think my grandma had that toy at her house...way over here in Eastern Washington, USA!!=) Junking is like 2 degrees of separation!!=) Have fun this weekend girl!! Can't wait to see how you transform your items!

  25. You got some great stuff there! I can't wait to meet you in Texas! Please, please, please introduce yourself to me this time!

  26. You're going to look a bobby sizzler in those lovely clothes Tamarah. I love the shrug too!

  27. Wau so many great finds! I have been looking frames like that too.It would come a beautiful mirror!

    Have a great new week!


  28. office basket and galvanized lidded tin are calling my name .. way over here..:D


  29. I Love your blog Thanks for sharing.Yap feels like home He!He!He!

  30. My oh my! You scored big time. The office basket and card box, the willow tin, the painting, all to die for.

    Some nice finds for your bod, I love the cooler weather and all the yummy snuggly clothes.

    I am slowly making my way through the scrummy mag you so kindly sent my way. "Sigh"!

    Have a beautiful week.