Tuesday, March 15, 2011

MEGA picture post = Thrifting Update, A Collection + The SWEETEST Granny Rug E-V-E-R....!

Hello DEAR Friends...!

As ALWAYS, I hope this post finds you safe & well....!

Before I begin today's ramblings I would like to take a moment to refect on the tragic events we've witnessed in Japan over the last week.....I'm sure I'm not alone when I write of an overwhelming sense of helplessness when learning of such catastrophic events....I know I find it difficult to comprehend the fear & devastation these people must be experiencing....What I DO KNOW though is that there is merit to the saying, "Every little bit helps"....!!!!!

Now....This post has a LOT of pics....24 to be exact....So grab a coffee....A glass (bottle) of wine & get ready to witness the ECLECTIC 'gatherings' of Shabby Vintage Junk....!

My first pic is but a SAMPLING of Treasures sourced since my LAST post....Mostly thrifted, there are a few pieces I've found at fetes or the Market....OK....Are you ready.....??

*** sigh ***
This vintage slip was found today at an Op-Shop....I LOVE the detail & the pretty blue colour....Well....It's CLEARLY to DIE FOR....!
Two hand knitted jumpers (WOOL no less) in moss green & taupe....Just so happen to be MY colours....$8- each at the Op  :o) !!
SCRUMPTIOUS leather Doctors style handbag....This piece makes me SMILE EVERY time I see it....I've used it TWICE already since I bought it at the Market for $10-....SCHAWINGADINGDING....  :o)
ADORE this EPNS toast rack....PERFECT for postcards & 'what have you' in my office....And this style of Tupperware & retro colourway....Well....I just CANNOT get enough of it....
STUNNING Floral Card Basket....I LOVE these to pieces but they have to be PERFECT for me to part with my money....!!  This one was $10- at the Market on Sunday.... *** Happy dance *** ....!
Found this trophey engraved 1950 today at one of my FAVE Op-Shops....A teeny TINY $2- was all it took & it was mine....MINE....M-I-N-E....  :o) !!
Today was a GREAT day for scarves....I even found TWO Vera's....Can you say....WOOHOO....!
The watermelon & grey scarf is a YUMMY Oroton silk find.... ** sigh ** .... :o)
I just LOVE tooled leather bags & purses & always ALWAYS snap them up when they cross my path....I also ADORE the simplicity of vintage wallets & purses....The fact there are NO credit card slots makes me SMILE OUT LOUD....!!
How CUTEIFUL is this wallet with it's MEMO pad....LOVE IT for sure....!
The graphics on these games (from my ALL TIME FAVE monthly Fete) & Making Things book are just AWESOME....!
Now this ensemble consists of a YUMMY vintage wool blazer ($6-), grey corduroy a-line Country Road skirt ($5-) & brown velvet cloche style hat ($6- showing original price tag of $44.95) all thrifted today....Can you say....FASHIONISTA....hahahahahahahaha....Sorry....I crack myself up sometimes....And if you saw me in my paint stained falling down TRACKIES & torn grubby t-shirt you would well understand....  :o) !!!!!
Now here is a collection I want to share with you....I've been collecting these greeting card boxes for years now....My first one....The box at the bottom on the far right was purchased at the Market around 10 years ago for $10-....I've NEVER spent any more than $10- for one with the cheapest, the little rose one at the front setting me back just 50c at a garage sale 8 years ago....Oh & then there's the LARGE one at the bottom back left....That was a FREEBIE from the Hard Rubbish....The basket is another story though....It cost me $25- around 7 years ago at an Antique Store in Nagambie....Covered in orchids it is the ONLY one of it's kind I have ever felt DESERVED to be in my collection....It is just D-I-V-I-N-E....TRUELY....!!!!!
The ONLY blemish I allow when purchasing these boxes is DUST....So if the lace is grubby....I can deal with it....If the box is smooshed, the plastic cracked or the box lopsided....Nah....NO CAN DO....
They HAVE to be PERFECT....
In every way....
....A little....
Now last but by NO MEANS least is this ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS Granny Rug....
It set me back $2.50 from an Op-Shop....It was discounted because it had....A SMELL....Not a MOULDY rotten kinda smell....More like a PEE smell....I took a chance knowing I'd be HEARTBROKEN if I was unable to get rid of the smell but I'm MOST PLEASED to report it is 100% G-O-N-E....!!
I'm HOPING the GORGEOUS Fiona over at Onabee (** NB: If you LOVE to crochet, knit & ALL things Granny Chic you must....MUST....M-U-S-T go visit this LOVELY CLEVER Lady....!!!!! ***) is going to help me repair the small holes that appear here & there....!!!!!

There you have it....A bit of Retro, Granny, Shabby, Romantic, Glamorous Chic that tickled MY FANCY this past week....I can't wait to see what's tickled YOU....!!!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)


  1. Be still my beating heart. LOVE IT ALL. Georgeousness after georgeousness, especially the granny blankie.

  2. Your finds are great. I especially love your collection of card boxes. I'll be watching for them at yard sales now.

  3. Yummy boxes Tamarah..I am about to post a few photos of my vintage card boxes for you, I only have 2. And I love the little trophy...I am a sucker for these...great minds think alike they say :) Hope you are well, Tam

  4. Lovely pics Tamarah. Love LOVE your greeting card boxes!! YUMMY!!!Like your granny rug too!!!

  5. Great post Tam

    I have the same rules re my decent sized collection of vintage card boxes~!

  6. oooh, I am going to send you a pic of mine..I have only ever kept one, although I collect them, I do so to on sell.........
    Your collection is absolutely beautiful. I love this granny craft...and I think a lot of other people do too!

  7. Oh I love those boxes!! Beautiful! You have some great finds here!! WTG!!

  8. I brought that exact smae leather bag with one of my first pay cheques. i loved it and used it every day for years until it finally gave up the ghost. Your picture of it filled me with nostaglia. I remember just feeling so prud of myself. x

  9. Great finds, Tamarah! Especially love the sweet slip and the card boxes - lovely. Thanks for sharing. :)

  10. I do love seeing your treasures Tamarah. I have never seen those card boxes before, although now you have pointed them out, I am sure I will spot them in places.


  11. i think that watermelon and grey will be the 'next big thing' in colours ...

    nice finding lady!

  12. Those greeting card boxes are incredible, Tamarah. I don't think I've seen any on person...if I ever do, I'll think of you!
    Oh, and love that handbag.

  13. Love the doctor's style bag! Dave Ramsey would be proud of you for buying those wallets that don't have credit card slots. :) Great finds!

  14. Love the bag! I've never seen those card boxes--they are lovely & you have a great collection!

  15. That hat! It's so great! I want to see a picture of you wearing it!

    Your card box collection is wonderful! I've never seen them before. If people made them here, they didn't survive!

  16. Your greeting card box collection is amazing - I've only seen those made from Christmas cards, never made with all the floral cards like yours. Sweet! And the leather bag and wool coat would have come home with me too. :-)

  17. I have never seen that many card boxes and baskets and containers all in one spot. I rarely see them at all so they must seek you out. And the granny square quilt - a bargain at double the price, holes smell or not. (Happy that the smell is out tho)

  18. Your card boxes are the most beautiful I've ever seen. I've never found any with lace.

  19. Wow...I LOVE your card box collection!! They are all fantastic!

    I also love the trophy! I've been eyeing a few on Etsy.

    Thanks for sharing your treasures!

  20. Hi ya lovely one, aren't your card boxes soo adorably lovely. Do you have them out on display somewhere to enjoy them? Considering how much a "greeting" card costs these days perhaps we should all be reviving the craft! Glad the pee came out of the granny rug phew!!!! I'm really enjoying seeing all the creative granny goodness bursting out over at SIBOL week by week http://sunshineinternationalblanketsoflove.blogspot.com/... a global endeavour to make brand new granny rugs for the elderly. Some of the ideas are just soo fab. Have a nice wee break..good idea. Don't want to burn yourself out in the hard rubbish now do you!! Much love Catherine xoxo

  21. I LOVE your card basket collection! I have 2...the one with the handle is so cool!
    Thanks for sharing your collection...when I havea 3rd one, I can call it a collection! LOL!

  22. It must be 'collection' showing week...! Love your card boxes..real treasures...never know where you may pick one up from in the next little while...wink xx

  23. What a lovely collection of card boxes...I saw a granny quilt square afghan, out and about the other day and I thought of you! great stuff, Lezlee

  24. Hi Tamarah, I love your card box collection my mum has one on her dressing table I think it may have been my nans, I think her friend made it, not sure I will have to check its done with purple silk thread its a hexagonal shape.I think, it's beautiful she has it filled with hankies, I've always wanted to make one myself but I dont crochet, I love the basket one in your collection. Your collection may have inspired me to give it a try to make one, may be time to get my nan to teach me to crochet . thanks for sharing all your gorgeous finds...Sherrie from Simpleliving :)

  25. Oh My Word - it's like Christmas coming early! What a fantastic stash.
    Of course I simply luuurve your greetings cards boxes .. I'm trying to get a haul of cards and piccies together to make some more myself.


  26. WOW- what awesome finds, love that dr bag purse and the coat is gorgeous!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Otis and James accessory giveaway

  27. Love that leather purse! I would use it to!
    Are you crazy with excitement! Not long now! I should be there on Wednesday of next week! I'll be hanging out at Theresa Cano's booth!
    See you soon!

  28. the finds: awesome! the prices: incredible!!! Nice work!!

  29. love tooled purses! and those greeting card baskets...not sure I've ever seen even one of them! cool stuff.

  30. You got a ton of stuff girlie! I love the hat and that coat. I have a similar toast holder sitting on my desk :)