Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another day....ANOTHER jigsaw puzzle....!

Hello Vintage Enthusiastes EVERYWHERE....!

I hope this post finds you all feelin' chipper....I've been flat out like a lizard drinkin' gathering Treasures like there's NO tomorrow....Something to be said I guess for that old sayin'....Make HAY while the sun SHINES 'cause in a week or so I'm taking a wee break to go visit some Friends in 'faraway parts' & need to ensure I'm STOCKED up for when I return....  :o) !!

Speaking of which....I thought I'd share a recent load of Treasures with you....Without further ADO....Behold yesterdays 'jigsaw puzzle'....

Hard to tell if there's anything to get excited about at this stage....
Some interesting shapes & textures to be sure....
Miscellaneous clutter....Ahhhhhhh....So THAT'S where my apple got to....  :o)
OK....So FIRST up....High....Like WAY HIGH on my HR shopping list has & will ALWAYS be vintage jars....ESPECIALLY Mason & Agee jars....Well yesterday for the VERY FIRST time in my 10 year HR history, I stumbled upon not one but TWO boxes filled with BOTH....Can you say....H-A-P-P-Y....???
These have all been cleaned & while I've kept the three Mason jars & this YUMMY jar at the front, the rest are going off to storage....For the time being.
This desk is GORGEOUS with GREAT bones....I've scrubbed it & am in the process of fitting some AWESOME door knobs to the drawers....LOVE the Willow tin on top & how's that RAD lamp from the 60's....!!

HEAP of 1950's frames....DROP DEAD YUMMY rusty metal table....It's been scrubbed & introduced to Poly....Sunburnt plant stand & Pope fuel tin....I've NEVER seen one of those before....!
Oopse....Almost forgot the Lloyd Loom basinette....Love....LOVE....L-O-V-E the chippy paint on this piece....SERIOUSLY....!
CUTIE PIE olive green vinyl travel bag & assorted vintage luggage....I never EVER pass up vintage luggage....It is FOR SURE a FAVE....!!

Resin frame has a break in it but some adhesive will fix this & then it will get a paint job....I think sky blue for this one....  :o) !
Now this IS A PROJECT....When I knocked on the door of the house this was in front of to see if it was OK to take it, the lady apologised for it's condition advising her Son had ripped off the doors when he put it out on the nature strip....hmmmmm....RIPPED is not an exaggeration....You can see a portion of a door frame HANGING off the cupboard underneath the drawer....!

Aside from this, the piece lived the last part of it's life in the garage & has oil throughout....I'll remove the ply & replace it with ply sourced from the HR, fix the doors & hinges which are bent & give it a clean....I'll see how it looks & will only resort to a new paint job if I HAVE TO....It has a GREAT colour combo goin' on with the grey, yellow & green which I'd like to keep....We'll see....!
Yeckkkkk....I'll keep you posted....  :o) !!

Can you believe it's Wednesday tomorrow....Where are the days, weeks & months going....?? What I WOULDN'T give for an extra FIVE hours in each day...hahahahahaha....I bet I'm not alone with that one....!!


Tamarah  :o)


  1. Some great treasures there for sure!! Love the metal desk!! And five more hours in the day would be terrific!! For sure!!

  2. I can't decide which of your treasures I like best. I think it's the cupboard that had the doors ripped off. I could definitely find a place for that.

  3. What...you couldn't find an extra five hours with all those other great things you uncovered? The jars are 2die4 and the desk...fab-o!
    Can't wait to see you...Mate!
    P.S. What the heck is a nature strip? Is that where a lizard goes to get flat out???

  4. do you have a horse and cart to collect in>"??@!

  5. Wow - you are BUSY finding treasures. That desk is sweet, hey? And thanks for the info on Willow; it seems you are finding a piece or two every week. Will you load a container soon and bring it to Junk Bonanaza?
    Faraway parts? Texas perhaps? (I'm jealous if that's it!)

    Gracie's Cottage

  6. Love your jigsaw puzzle and all its pieces! Love that bassinet and the jars! Enjoy it all.

  7. Now that's quite a haul, miss! Great score on the bottles, especially.

  8. You never cease to amaze! About how long do you think before you have scored all of the awesome HR in the Land of Oz? :)

    And so glad you are coming over soon! My hub will be in Qatar that week (returning on the 21st-ish) so I may not get to meet up unless you want to meet my kiddos. :)

  9. Your ability to find amazing stuff is always an inspriation to me to keep looking. I love today's finds. The jars - - amazing, the desk - -so cute, and the cabients - -I'm drooling over that one.

  10. Very nice lot.
    Can't wait to see how you fix up that cabinet.


  11. Boy you have been a busy lady - wish we could do the HR in the UK but as I have said on many an occasion the health and safety freaks are out on this one.
    Beverley x

  12. I spy lots of chippy white beauty there!!

  13. I hear you girl, I do not know where the days are going. I have been sick with some horrid virus for the last week or so which is a right pain as i dont have time to be sick!!! So fear not I will be tagging a ride with you as promised but at this rate it might not be until you are back from you big trip OS. Loving some of these finds, particularly the desk, yummo!
    alicia :0)

  14. i too cannot go past vintage luggage and I am SO JEALOUS of your mason and agee jars. I am trying to get a collection of them for my wedding - no luck yet and for at least $15.00 on ebay for 1 my jar dream may be over!

  15. Congratulations on all your super HR treasures. I wish I could get together with you and make the rounds.
    During the summer we have village wide rummage days and I am among the last to leave, always waiting to see what hit the curb.

    Where I live we have no curbside rubbish and the man at the scrap yard is a grump and won't let me bring things home.

  16. Hello Dear Tamarah. What a great lot of goodies. I love the kitchen dresser thingy the best. Lots of space for my Terrier fabrics to go in.
    That green travel bag, well I had one of those for my school bag in grade 6. I thought that I was the ants pants with my cream satchell bag as I called it. So I guess that it's pretty old......maybe 45 or there abouts. My god I'm old. But young at heart.
    More blogs please..It's like waiting for my favourite magazine to hit the newsagents.
    Wendy the Terrier lady

  17. want...those...jars...! I'm sure you will make the yellow & white cabinet look fantastic! and I'm so glad you are having so much fun - its been so gray and dreary here that I haven't been out junking much - I envy you!
    amy of four corners design

  18. Love that last cabinet and always love the cool jars, you hit the jackpot...I am going to the Mother Ship, Round Top!!! I hope you will still be there, I am going on the 26 and 27, I will just be heartbroken if I miss you! Hope to make it to the blog party!!

    Texas Friend, Lezlee

  19. I love your van loads!! Reminds me of my best days of junking=) Thanks for sharing your finds junking queen!!

  20. oh Tamarah, lovely! the jars....ohhhh arrrrh.....
    Now do you know that if you leave that Mason out in the sunlight for a year or so it will turn a lovely lilac/purple shade? Lots of the bottle collector guys have rows of jars/bottles on the roof of their sheds for ages to get the right shade of purple/amethest.♥

  21. Oh WOW Tamarah! you sure have the best finds. I love those jars. You know I have a weak spot for those. Just great finds!! I will launch my 100th post this weekend! Hope you have a great rest of the week!

    Sunny day cheers from Finland!

    xxx Suvi

  22. Great finds Tamarah!! Love the jars and cupboard!! Ive had some HR finds too!!

  23. Is that a lavender mason jar I see there? Or are my eye failing me again? What a find there. And I'm sure you can whip that cupboard into shape in no time. I have faith in you.

  24. Wonderful finds! You have sure been busy! :-)

  25. Those jars are great! You don't find purple very often. The cabinet is pretty cool. I like the original colors, so I hope you can keep them, too.
    And the desk! Love that!

  26. Hello Tamarah!
    What wonderful treasures you've been finding!!
    I absolutely adore coming over here to see what you've been up to
    You're enthusiasm is CONTAGIOUS!!!
    Yes please, I would love to catch up soon...please though, on the HR can you look out for a few extra DAYS for us to put into our week..??
    Gail xx

  27. Tamarah
    I love all your fab finds!!!
    I could fill my shop with these treasures
    I will get some new classes up very soon

  28. Hiya Tamarah, are you heading up this way???

    The jars are way nice, great find. I would love to have a van too, oh the things I would have put in there...probably a good thing that I don't have one.

    Enjoy your weekend, Tam x

  29. Oh, the lost apple is priceless!!!!!!!!! Your adventures of picking up pieces must be fun. Have you got written on the side of your truck "Tam with a Van"?
    Looking forward to seeing what these little treasures turn into.

  30. That desk is a-door-a-bull! So is everything else, must be something in the air, the thrift shopping here lately has been the best ever.

  31. I can't believe the great stuff you find while out treasure hunting!! I love the desk and that cabinet is great. Hope you post pictures when you're finished!!

  32. love that cupboard and love that desk. would love both of those white chippys in my house!

  33. OMG Girl...heck yeah your haul is worth the excitement! I see the little metal table kinda like mine, except half of the wheels were gone off the legs of mine. My little cabinet sold instantly! I see your little leather case, put one of those in my shop and it sold the next day for $60 bucks..so you definitely got some goodies girl! I am still in love with your blog title pic...is this your place? Hope you find some good treasures this week, I am already working on my next post! Hugs, Janna