Sunday, July 25, 2010

I saw the SIGN (S)....Counting Down - 19 Days to THE SVJ-X....!

A BIG hello to all my fellow Gleaners of the Shabby, the Vintage & the Junk variety....!!

I hope your 48 have been relaxing, filled with Family, Friends & some damn fine JUNK.... :o) !!

A BIG THANK YOU for all your lovely comments offering support & encouragement for the upcoming SVJ-X as featured in yesterdays Herald Sun HOME liftout....I'm CHUFFED you enjoyed it & even MORE CHUFFED you like our home....I really do get a BIG kick out of sharing our space & MY love of junk with you....!

Now before I go on I would just like to apologise in advance if my comments on your blogs declines a little over the next few weeks while I get 'busy' gettin' ready for the Show....Please KNOW that I will be reading & SMILING at your Treasures....!!

Unfortunately, there was no Market for me this morning for a variety or reasons so I have NO new Treasures to share however, I do have some pics of a few more finished pieces for you....Each piece will be for sale at the SVJ-X.... :o) !!

Several months ago I purchased a large number of chippy red vintage theatre letters which I put aside while I waited patiently for Mr SVJ-X to do his THANG....With the deadline to the SVJ-X fast approaching, Mr SVJ got 'busy' this afternoon....Aluminium strips were cut to size & mounted on wood for my words to stand.

Rusty, Love & Jump....

Home & Kiss....

Don't know if you remember this little cabinet....When I rescued it the back was wet & yeckkkkk & it was FILTHY....Replacing the back with a salvaged piece of ply was TOO easy & I still have half a roll of this DIVINE 1940's wallpaper which I think makes the PERFECT back drop....!!

This cabinet is VERY narrow....I thought about putting shelves in but really they would have been SO NARROW as to almost render them useless....Instead, I've used a YUMMY vintage glass knob from my hardware stash in which to suspend jewellery from....  :o)

Oh yes....I had the PERFECT chippy green knob tucked away just WAITING for this project to come along....!

Unfortunately, for reasons unknown to me, the pic showing the entire cabinet in all it's FINISHED glory with several vintage necklaces suspended from the glass knob was BLURRY as sin so all you get is a peek....DOH....!!

Well I must away....I have a SUPER early start tomorrow at the office so will bid you all Sweet Dreams....!!

Cheers for now & HAPPY junking,
Tamarah :o)


  1. all i can say is *sigh* and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the little cabinet! How cool and you make it all look so easy! GOOD LUCK!! Make sure you take lots of photos for us QLDers!!!

  2. i just had to say hello...and your a girl how lives in melbourne.

  3. Oh I love the chippy signs! And you did a great job with the cabinet :) Best of luck for the SVJ-X - so wish I could be there XxX

  4. Ooohh love the cabinet and the green knob is perfect. Cool signs too. Tamara

  5. OMG what have I been doing?! I've missed 3 of your posts. And what lovely posts they are. Congratulations on the article, validation, yes! I thought for a moment we wouldn't see the pictures. Looks great, but I almost like it better with all your rainy day junk inside, hahaha snort, as you would put it. Summer, tub, undies, and beer, too funny! As always, love how you turn the trash into treasure.

  6. I heart all those letters! Gorgeous! Have fun, Tamarah! Don't get too terribly stressed out. Can't wait to hear all about SVJ-X!

  7. Oh I love those red letters! I never see them around here. Why do you have to live so far away?

  8. Great work and good luck we will be thinking of you..

  9. That cabinet is GORGEOUS! So excited for you and your extravaganza. Sending positive vibes across the ocean for you!

  10. Hi Tamarah,
    Awesome red letters and very cute little cupboard. Love that little green knob.

    Good luck getting ready for the BIG EVENT!

    Second Hand Chicks

  11. I SO love your great junk!! I would love to be at your sale...

  12. Looks delicous....great refurb the handle is the heart clincher indeed cheers Katherine

  13. hello darling girl who lives in melbourne...can i ask..where is AsHbuRtON ScouT just asking as im going on my first ever girls weekend away..with my ya ya's ( best friends )...its just a maybe...but id love to come to your shabby vintage junk...Extravaganza...

  14. Can't wait..can't wait, how many sleeps? So very the cabinet. Enjoy the countdown ;) Kym X

  15. It's all looking so great. Not long now, I'm getting all excited.

  16. GOOD LORD TAMARAH...I think I may have to buy those letters...
    they are JUST gorgeous..

    The cabinet looks beautiful as well...
    OKAY... "isa gettin scared"!!~~~~~~

    xx andrea says HI back & read your article & loved it...

  17. Those red letters are lovely! I really like your blog.Happy Junking to you to :) XO Katta

  18. Tamarah I think your SVJ event is going to be fabulous

  19. Tamarah, OMG! I l.o.v.e. those old theatre letters! Think you can squeeze one in your suitcase when you come for Junk Bonanza????

    Thank you so much for your steadfast comments on my Junk Bonanza posts. I can always count on you making me smile!

    Can you believe Junk Bonanza is just about 6 weeks away??? I SO look forward to meeting you!