Saturday, July 17, 2010

My heart is in my THROAT....26 Days to go until THE Shabby Vintage Junk EXTRAVAGANZA.....!!! AND a PS to end the day....!!!

Good Morning Keepers Of The Past EVERYWHERE....!!

Well we've entered the DO OR DIE stage as we enter the final preparation leading up to the SVJ-X....My head is literally SPINNING with everything that needs to be done & this is WITHOUT the MANY projects requiring my attention for my own stall....So it's FULL STEAM AHEAD here at Camp SVJ today....As I type I can hear Mr SVJ banging (& swearing) something (about something) out in his workshop so I won't dilly dally lest the swearing & the banging involve me....hahahahaha....!!

I have  27 projects out on the back deck that I need to FINISH today HOWEVER, I didn't want to become so caught up in everything that I missed out on posting my Sunday Wrap Up....So here again for your viewing pleasure are my Treasures below from the Market & my run through the HR yesterday....ALL GOING WELL, I hope to be able to pop back this evening to discuss my 'projects'....!!

** NB: Remember the gate & the bench are PREVIOUS finds....!! **

GORGEOUS chippy cream wood & metal high chair, camp stool & print plucked from the nature strip....!!

I bought a boxed lot of vintage kitchenalia at the Market this morning....I LOVE this stuff & I use it all the time in various junk projects....!!

Now WHY would you put these out in the Hard Rubbish when we have recycling bins....???

Wire milk bottle carriers that I just need to peel the remaining plastic from & spray with poly....THANK YOU HR Angels....!!!

YUMMY wooden clothes airer....I ALWAYS rescue these from the HR....A light clean & rub with bees wax & Bob's your Uncle....!

Next to gavalnised stuff, red metal stuff & chippy painted stuff....CRINKLY wire stuff is my FAVE....hahahahahaSNORT....!  This bike basket was bought from my FAVE dealer at the Market this morning....!

Oh my FREAKIN HECK....I almost fainted when I spied this gavanised BEAUTY at the Market this morning....I can FIT IN IT with my legs over the side....I know what I'll be doing this summer out on the deck & it involves me, my undies & BEER....OK....Perhaps NOT a picture you needed but I just HAD TO SHARE.... :o) !!

PERFECTLY shabby bird cage....Always always ALWAYS pick these up in the HR when I see them....!!!

GOBSMACKINGLY AWESOME blackboard form the Hard Rubbish....Just needs a clean & we're good to go....!!!

You KNOW I have a THANG for these babies....I paid a bit for this one but I don't have one with drawers so it was a MUST HAVE....!!!

Another typewriter....Now I have THREE....A COLLECTION at last....Scored this one at the Market....!!  And last but by NO MEANS least is a really NEAT handrail....Would make a GREAT ballet bar in a little girls room....!!

OK I must FLY.....I hope everyone is having a TOTALLY JUNKACIOUS weekend....I'll be back....hahahahahahaSNORT....!!!!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

PS:  Remember my living room several weeks ago ....?  Well thanks to the rain this afternoon when I was NECK DEEP in projects outside, it doesn't look as tidy any more....!!

** sigh ** I pushed the dining table up against the lounge , placed a drop sheet on the floor & dragged EVERYTHING (almost) inside....!!

All items have been cleaned....Now I just need to finish, staining, sanding the odd rough edge, spraying with poly (metal items), waxing with bees wax, painting and then pricing....ALL except for that GINORMOUS tub I bought at the Market this morning....THAT's a KEEPER....hahahahahaha....!!

Now before I head off for some much needed R&R (reading all those YUMMY blogs I follow) I just wanted to say HI to Jacinta who left a note on my blog earlier....I REMEMBER you from Friars Town....Please email me at: as I'd like to catach up with you....!!

Cheers AGAIN,
Tamarah :o)


  1. Miss Tamarah, I am green with envy!!!
    Loving that crinkly wire it for sale & how much if it is?
    Loving that galvanised tub too! Thinking a photo with your feet in it with rose petals & a pretty towel over the side...hmmmmm!
    Keep up the great junkin'!
    P.S: Email me direct on if you are interested in selling that basket!

  2. Morning Tamarah, lovely junking finds...I love the old wire bird cage, I have few too...the red tool box is very unusual with the little drawers, pretty damn cool. Best of luck with the final prep for the show, Cheers for now, Tamara

  3. "I know what I'll be doing this summer out on the deck & it involves me, my undies & BEER....OK....Perhaps NOT a picture you needed but I just HAD TO SHARE.... :o) !!"

    You total dag lol

    Luv ya~!


  4. Okay I can't stand it! I fell outta my chair when I saw the galavaized tub and just as I was trying to compose myself I saw the red metal tool tote with drawers!! HELLLLLPPPP MEEEE!!!!

  5. Oh why can't we have a hard rubbish day here in the states. It just sounds so much nicer than garbage! You found some seriously great things.
    I'm loving the red tool box. And the crinkly basket. I have a love for wirey stuff too. Rusty wire? All the better!

    Wish I was there to go to your Extravaganza!

  6. Hi Tamara ,you are a crack up,love reading your blog you make me smile,I will have to have a good read and catch up as we have been without a pc for a couple of weeks...and now i am back lookout!! great fun.Carole

  7. Oh Tamarah, now I have a picture in my mind of you in the gal bucket with zinc on nose and beer in hand. Now theres a shabby shelia for you!! I will keep my eye out for a vintage floatie!! I have been busy getting my stuff ready for the SJV...have some massive painting projects organised for next weekend and will post pics on my blog when the transformations are complete. Didnt get to the markets today but have explored the darkest depths of my shed and have pulled out some forgotten treasures...woo hooo!! blog to come. Oh and have to say...I love that red tool box!!!

  8. Tamarah - love that wire bike basket! and I have a soft spot for bird cages too. Good luck with all your projects- you must have a ton of energy...and despite what you say, you are an artist!
    amy of four corners design

  9. Yay for 3's! All that wire~I love it! I'd keep that tub, too. It's fabulous.

    I wish I could go to your extravaganza!

  10. Tamarah,

    Love all of your stuff!! The red tool box is rad and the visual of you in the galvanized tub made me laugh so hard I about lost my coffee this morning. Best of luck finishing all of your projects can't wait to see more pics!!!

    Take care lady~Elisa

  11. You pick up some really great stuff but I wonder what you do with ALL of it? Do you do anything else on weekends other than searching out junk then spending the rest of the weekend cleaning it? Are you OCD cause you sure seem to come across as obsessive.

  12. Hi Tamarah~ thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments! I just LOVE your blog...first of all you have "the most favorite" header I have seen~ I just love dog stuff, too! You really have some GREAT finds, I would love to be at that sale! So cool you are coming to Junk Bonanza~ you will have to stop by our space! I hope they will have a blog party there again this year, too~ so all of us bloggers can meet! I'm looking forward to reading more of your fun blog~ I am a new follower!

  13. Tamarah, I have that same wash tub. I have the stand with wheels that it goes on. I keep it at the cottage with my herb garden growing in it.! I never thought to use it recreationally. Maybe I should be laying around in my knickers in it,with a Mike's Hard Lemonade in my hand. That would scare my neighbors more than the rogue bear.

    Love your Bits today. The SVJ Extra is goign to be fabulous. I can just spy hubby in the photo behind all the stuff. Just don't start blocking the telly!

  14. Wow! I absolutely LOVE your blog! xxx

  15. Honestly, the stuff just keeps getting better. The bath story was so good and I,like many others, love the wire basket. Great to see your family room looking like a treasure shop. For those of you who haven't visited Tamarahs' home, it's the best show and tell you could ever imagine!!! It makes your head spin.
    Wish that I was going to the SVJ extravaganza.
    Bonnie Doon Wendy

  16. Hey anon

    “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”
    Scott Hamilton

    Just sayin



  17. Hi Tamarah,
    I'm just picturing squatting in that metal tub wearing your knickers, sipping a beer and laughing my ASS OFF! I think I just wet myself.

    Second Hand Chicks

  18. OH my...Love it all..want it all..great finds..!!!!!

  19. Again, you have some fabulous stuff! The red on that toolbox is spectacular, and I am still in love with that gate. Your extravaganza is going to be amazing; I always work so much better under pressure, don't you? -- don't worry, you'll get it all done! Can't wait to read all about it!!

  20. Morning Tamarah, it is very cold here this morning..bbrr. I have been collecting Bonzo for a while and have him displayed in a little cabinet in my loungeroom. No I don't really use them, except for eye candy...tee hee

    Thanks for keeping an eye out:) He is quite hard to find in Aus, although I did find the tall one in the back at our local YMCA garage sale for practically free!

    Hope your day goes well, better get ready for work....bye

  21. Just found your blog via Bounty Huntress and I'm lovin your work. I'm hooked.

  22. Hi Tamarah....all is looking GOOD!

    When is anyone ever ready for a MARKET...???
    I'm hoping to join you for your next one, whenever that maybe??

    Wishing you all the best day ever for this one


  23. You've got your work cut out for you but you seem to get things done when needed!
    Your big sale is just around the corner! Time will go fast.
    Love your latest finds! Especially the bike basket...mmmmmmm!!
    ok girl......."me, my undies & BEER"....
    Sounds good to me on a hot day!!!

  24. Gorgeous chiipy rusty goodies you have there! The birdhouse may my heart skip a beat, Janna

  25. Well your front room is looking like my front room at the moment, packed full of stuff!!! I had mine all ready for the show and then have sold two pieces of furniture but thats ok, good excuse to look for more stuff ;0)
    ps. will be doing a big feature on my blog shortly as its much closer to the date now!

  26. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou for allowing me to discover you in the HOME liftout. Where have you been all my life? I feel like Tigger when he found his Tigger family. Some of my friends dont really understand my op shopping garage and clearing sale fetish / they're not my friends anymore. But the ones who also love my obsessions are my best friends. I can't wait for the SVJX!!! Read you soon - off to the garage sales :)