Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ummmmm...Honey I spent the grocery money & can I borrow $35...??

HOOLY DOOLY....I CAN'T believe it's Sunday evening already....Talk about a WHIRLWIND WEEKEND......hahahahaha.....It's 7.30pm & I'm in bed....That's right folks I am KAY-nackered & am looking forward to being in an unconscious state in the not too distant future....  :o) !!

OK....This is a long one so you may want to grab a coffee or join me with a chardy....!!

Here goes....The day started at 4.30am after a TINY 4 hour sleep when I headed off to Camberwell Market....Considering there was NO market last week I thought the Treasures were a bit 'light on the ground'....In any case, when Mr SVJ rocked up to take me to breaky, I put on my BRIGHTEST smile & confessed to having spent the grocery money & in the same breath, asked if I could borrow $35- to complete my final purchase....hahahaha....He agreed of course HOWEVER, I have to transfer funds over tomorrow to the grocery account AND make him coffee for the week....The THINGS I do....hahahahaha....!!

Anyways....I left the market around 9.45am for home where I unloaded the van of the Hard Rubbish Treasures from yesterday, & cleaned the items purchased at the market.

Then it was off to the storage unit, to SQUEEZE in another 15 items I've set aside for the SVJ Extravaganza....!!  Now although the NEW storage place is just around the corner, there are ISSUES with access & yadda yadda yadda so the dropping off of stuff is NOT a quick process....hmmmmmm.....

Home again by 11.45am to take some pics of stuff from Camberwell & yesterdays HR, download to make sure AOK followed by a quick coffee & out the door to the Hard Rubbish....!

As the HR's a fair distance away, I didn't make it 'on site' until around 1.15pm....!!  I drove around for a couple of hours & it occurred to me that I wouldn't make it home in time to take pics of my loot so I took pics on the road while I still had some light....!

Finally made it home around 5.30pm when I received a phone call from the EVER GORGEOUS Miss Holly whom I 'met' through eBay several years ago & who is currently in Australia with her beau on business....!!

I was THRILLED to hear from this LOVELY lady & must say....If you are EVER in the need of Vintage Christmas Treasures, PLEASE visit Holly for a VISUAL feast the likes of which I can pretty much guarantee you will not have experienced before....Her pics will make you melt & if you are NOT a Vintage Christmas fan....You WILL BE....In my 10 or so years on eBay I've bought quite a bit of stuff from the US & Holly is the ONLY seller who has made me feel 'special'....With a LOYAL following though I've ONLY ever managed to win ONE item but I tell ya....That ONE win was a SENSATIONAL experience....  :o) !!!!!

OK....So I chatted to Holly for a bit & then realised, due to the echo on the line her mobile/cell was diverting to her US carrier which would be costing her a FORTUNE so we said our goodbyes.....!!

After a quick check on dinner, I was on the treadmill for my run followed by shower & dinner....!!

PHEW...And here I am to chat about my finds....!!!

So Mr Underwood below is the reason I needed to borrow $35- from Mr SVJ....It was $45- all up & I was THRILLED to find it as I missed out on TWO on EAster Saturday when I attended the clearance sale as I was bidding against a Melbourne dealer & they BOTH went for close to $100-....SEE....If you STICK to you guns you'll be rewarded in the end....  :o) !!

I've taken what is for me an 'arty shot' as a salute to the ever talented junkalicious SUE at Vintage Rescue Squad....If you've been living under a rock & haven't found your way to Sue yet, please pay her a isit.....Sue put together an AWESOME Junking Calendar for 2010 naming ALL of the MUST ATTEND Flea Markets & Shows in the US....I am the proud owner of TWO of these babies & recommend them HIGHLY....!!!

The space bar if you can believe it is actually made of WOOD....!!

This romantic tin was exxy at $10- but it's not one I see very often....!!  The colours are TO DIE FOR....!!

Now THIS is the piece that had me dipping into the grocery money....It's an old old steam trunk made of pine with AWESOME hardware & TWO key holes WITH the original key.....YAYYYYY....Painted white, though previous 'paint history' obvious in the layers underneath AND chipped to PERFECTION, this piece was a STEAL at $110-....!!!  Love Love LOVE it....I was telling Mr SVJ when we find our DREAM HOME (with a bedroom large enough to have MORE than a bed in), this trunk will reside at the foot of the bed & be filled with my vintage quilts.....  :o) !!!

It's a WHOPPER.....!!

DIVINELY Chippy chippy CHIPPY.....!!!

Ok....I ONLY bought three things at the market so the below pick is a back track to yesterdays HR....Two AWESOME chippy white doors & windows....hahahaha....Mr SVJ wasn't quick enough to get out of my shot & my boy Baxter can be seen lurking bottom left....Isn't he BEAUTIFUL....!!!

Now to todays HR finds....I picked up a trunk with SO MUCH vintage fabric I almost FAINTED....Linen, cotton & wool....WOW....I could sell most of it or have a seamstress make me some a-line skirts I can wear with my vintage boots when I get them back from the shoe stretching dudes....!!!

The tray with the 50's print is actually an INSERT from a suitcase....Covered in fabric it's in GREAT nic....Unfortunately, the suitcase itself had had 'the Richard'....!!

The sweet little brown leather case was found with the fabric....It's a shaving/toiletries bag & the green case.....hahahahaha....Would you believe it USED to house a NATIONAL VIBRATOR....???? hahahaha....STOP blushing.....The vibrator was actually an instrument used in a vintage beautification process of THE FACIAL kind.....hahahahahaSNORT.....!!!

This umbrella with it's cotton tartan print was with the fabric & is in D-I-V-I-N-E condition....No YUKKY stains to marr it's PERFECT vintage state....!!

Oh yes....I ALSO scored a SUITCASE filled with vintage fabric from the same place...  :o) !!

LOVELY  Queen Anne style vanity....The carved mirror is in the van SOMEWHERE....Don't have to do ANYTHING to this piece other than pop the mirror on & add some glass handles....!!

LOVE this piece...VERY well made it's as HEAVY as & took quite a bit of reorganistion AND grunt to get it into the van.....hahahahaha....I really AM the Monica Seles of the Hard Rubbish world....  :o) !!!

Close your mouths ladies....YES this feather eiderdown found in PRISTINE CONDITION....The likes of which I have NEVER SEEN in ALL my years of collecting these Treasures, was bought out to me by the lovely lady emptying her grandparents home....After witnessing my delight at having rescued the fabric, she bought this out to me to add to my pile of Treasures....OH HAPPY DAY....YES....It's a keeper.... :o) !!

*** sigh *** words are superfluos at this point......

Well...That was MY Sunday....There are at least 10 things I can think of that I FORGOT to take pics of but these are THE BEST of the lot....!

Now I must hit the hay....I really am ready for a trip to the land of NOD....!!

Wherever you are, I hope your weekend was PEACEFUL & FILLED with Treasures...!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

PS: To my Bonnie Doon mate Wendy....THANK YOU for conquering your 'technofobia' & working out how to leave comments on my blog....It makes me SMILE big time to see one of your notes.... :o) !!!


  1. Ah Tamarah, I am glad I am not the only one to photograph something at the side of the road! That eiderdown is fabulous. We had those as children and I NEVER see them Great stuff this weekend.

  2. Your dedication to junking each weekend astounds me! Thanks for the shout out! XOX

  3. Well done!!!
    Don't worry I'll be thrifting again in no time!! I wish I had the luck of the HR that you do though!!!

  4. HI Tamarah,

    I would gladly give up groceries for that sweet typewriter. I think you made the right decision. So nice of the husband to spot you some cash. Honestly, that's why I bring Poopsie along to the Estate case I run out of money. TeeHee.

    Poopsie's a good sport. I always let him pick out a little something for himself as a reward for putting up with me. Once I found him a fabulous old turquoise anvil with the original tag still on it. Poopsie loves anything metal. He's a welder by trade.

    Well, I'd say you deserve a nice long rest after all your fabulous treasure hunting. Can't wait 'til next weekend!

    Second Hand Chicks

  5. I love hearing about your Aussie junking trips! And those typewriters look plumb sexy in those "Artsy" photo ops! Here in the Southern U.S., we eat beans and corn bread, when we spend the grocery money, which I would gladly do for your treats! Have a great day, Lezlee

  6. Tamarah, Oh how I wish that we had hard rubbish collection up here in Bonnie Doon. I know that Keithy wouldn't be too happy about it. Loved all of your treasures, as I always do. You are the best!! Don't ever, ever give up on the hard rubbish, because I would be devastated.

  7. Hello there! Thanks so much for your comment and I'm delighted to have brought back those sweet memories for you!
    I spent some time at your blog earlier today, I just love your finds!
    You remind me of the times I had some years ago, it was so much fun to hunt, keep some, sell some, just keep stackin' it up!....
    there comes the "downsize" time, so I can't buy like crazy anymore, but I'll live it through people like you!, fun, fun!!

  8. Hey who needs to eat when you are finding fantastic items like that?! cripes, I think this is the best treasure hunting post yet! And hows that eiderdown?!! Do you ever find that people get a bit narky when they see you going through their hard rubbish? That makes me a bit nervous I must admit. I usually wait till theres no one around lol

  9. Morning Everyone....!!

    THANKS so much for your comments.... :o) !!

    For me Hard Rubbish is a very social part of my Treasure Hunting....I enjoy speaking to home owners I meet out on the street about the items they are throwing out....Over the years there have been some agro folk who have made unkind comments but that's their 'issue' not mine....!!

    ....hahahahaha....Sometimes when I drive by people they're frowning & I give them a HUGE GRIN & wave like a lunatic as I pass them....MOST often, their frowns turn to smiles & they wave me back....!

    I've considered getting a sign for my van that says something like, 'Let me save your junk from the crusher & landfill'....!!

    Tamarah :o)

  10. Well, no wonder you're tired, girlfriend! What a day of treasures you found for yourself! Love the typewriter--actually, I don't know if there has been a typewriter I DIDN'T love, but yours is especially nice. Hope you're well-rested now for another weekend of junking!