Sunday, May 30, 2010

Please sir....Can I have some more....????

Hours in my day that is....hahahaha....Mr SVJ & I have been flat out like lizards drinking this weekend finishing a number of projects that had been taking up VALUABLE living space....Those of you who have a hankering for rescuing & renovating furniture will have a clear picture in your head as to what I'm talking about....For the rest of you, picture a rectangular living space (kitchen, dining & lounge)....Now fill the centre section (dining area) in your minds eye....Go on....Stack away 'til it's yay high x yay wide....You'll know you've filled it just right if you CAN'T see the telly from the kitchen & you have to shimmy sideways with your breath held just to get've got it now....THAT'S what Mr SVJ & I have been working at 'fixing' & boy am I stuffed.... :o) !!

SO without further ado, in view of my 'knackedness' & need for slumber, please behold my Treasures from the Market early this morning....Makes all the hard work worth it....!!

You may remember last week I came home with a heap of paintbrushes....Well I found two more today & I'm just LOVING the YUMMY shapes....Oh & the crusty grey draw is ACE....SO WISH I had the REST of the unit this baby came from......

It's official....These two aluminium toches along with the one I scored yesterday makes THREE & that's the number you need for a collection....!!

** sigh **

** purrrrrrrrrrrrrr..... **

** drool ** ....hahahaha....The best thing about these is if they don't work, they can still serve a function....Small enough to take in your purse & fill with notes & coins, car key & lippy....Or just pile em in a bowl so you can gaze upon their 'yumminess'....!!

** insert HAPPY dance here ** LOVE that I found another bunch of small spoons for my jewellery making....I'll be able to work off some steam bashing the heck out of these....hahahahaha....!!

** BE STILL MY WILDLY BEATING HEART ** ....Nuff said....!

Well that's it for me....Before I go though, I'd love to share a FABULOUS giveaway my lovely friend Alicia is having over at Time Worn Style....If you haven't visited this blog before, do yourself a FAVOUR & pop by now....You never know, you might just be the lucky WINNER of this fabulous Ormolu Mirror....GOOD LUCK....!

Wherever you are....I hope your weekend was filled with peace & Treasures....!!

Tamarah :o)


  1. Loving those old torches, might have to start my own collection of those!! Do pop over to my blog, I'm having a giveaway

  2. Dear Tamarah,
    As usual you had great finds. I also love the torches. The garage sales were very kind to me on the weekend and the Terriers are reproducing at a rapid rate. Hope that all is going well with your fix up and tidy up.
    Bonnie Doon Wendy

  3. Why can't you live closer so I can attend your sale! I would for sure but that drawer!

  4. Hi Tamarah,
    Great haul, as usual! My favorite is those cool round paintbrushes. They are so unusual. The flashlights are cute, too. You call them "torches" but in this country, torches are what the villagers chase Frankenstein's monster with, tee hee.

    Second Hand Chicks

  5. Hi Tamarah, I think I am in love with those paintbrushes! I've never come across such a find!
    You did well, my dear!
    I had some great finds this last weekend. Only 1 sale on Friday but great jewellery, then Saturday....oh my! it was a bonanza, did a little post, but no pictures yet on that batch!
    Have a great week!