Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sunday Wrap Up....Treasures abound....!

It was a GREAT day at the market for me today....! I scored a STACK of Treasures & had myself a ball talking to vendors & bumping into buyers that visit with me when I share a stall with my friend....!

I spent around $200- with the most expensive item being this beautiful pine hutch....It would originally have been part of a larger unit however, the cupboard part is long gone..... ** sigh ** It was $60- & will look FABULOUS when I'm finished with it....Just a FEW minor tweeks needed....!

*** Don't forget to click on my pics to make them larger. ***

LOVE the sensual lines of this vintage wrought iron planter & this sweet little red trike is ADORABLE....!!
I SO have a THING for galvanised pieces ESPECIALLY buckets....LOVE peely red ones....!!! The stool is so sweet....Black rusty metal.....I'll introduce him to my friend 'poly' & he'll get a new hardwood top which I'll leave plain for an industrial look....The brackets are DELISH & the slate was a LOVELY piece to find....!

I actually found the rake head in the HR last week but it was still kicking about in my van so I had to show it too....!! I can NEVER resist the old metal door handles & if they're painted & chippy they SO have my name on them....The box you see here has TWELVE knobs & a bunch of plates....Projects Projects PROJECTS....!! Some more brass hooks & another can of Pick Up sticks....Now I have TWO....Red AND blue which will be used in my office as fun storage.....! The kewpie dolls are TOO SWEET & celluloid to boot.....LOVE those..... :o) !! Then these little finger puppets are just TO DIE FOR.....I really don't know how I'll part with any of these pieces.....!!

A handful of Christmas ornies....!!!

A FILTHY baking tray.....For small buns I think.....It needs a GOOD SCRUBBING but once done....SO many uses.....!!!

I've ALWAYS wanted a croquet set & now I have one....This is a BEAUTY & the patina....Well....ALL I can say is BE STILL my beating heart....Just LOOK at those chippy balls....If I didn't have to go to work tomorrow I'm sure I could just sit & look at them all day.....hahahahahaha.....!!!

I'm actually going to run the Felder (mouse) over this piece just lightly....There is some yummy blue & cream paint under the white so I'll see how it looks afterwards & go from there....If it doesn't look 'faux'....I'll simply give it a clear finish.....Then I just need to decide what to do with the shelves & find some ply to back it with.....!

Well I'm POOPED....ALL of the pieces above with the exception of the baking tray, have been cleaned & now it's time to refuel so I'm off for a glass of wine.....AND dinner.....hahahahahaha....!
Hope you had a GREAT day....!

Tamarah :o)


  1. Hey Tamarah, have added your comment to my blog, dont know why it wouldnt work, just filled in your details :0) Score! on the treasures today, well done girl. I LOVE that shelf, cant wait to see those colours underneath come out. I am especially loving those buckets though oh and the croquet set! anyway enjoy your wine and "surfing" will talk again soon :0)

  2. Tamarah, what finds. If I had to pick my favourite it is the red bucket. Thar cupboard has so much potential, I can't wait to see what you do with it.


  3. Hi Tamarah,
    You've done it again. Love that croquet set and those buckets!

    Second Hand Chicks

  4. The GORGEOUS Gina over at Vintage Junk In My Trunk emailed me last night advising she was having an issues trying to leave a comment on this post via Typepad so I've added it for her... :o) !!

    Wow Tamarah--you got some great stuff! Love the hutch and box of door knob plates especially! I have one of those cool baking trays hanging in my son's room to display his fossil collection. Don't you just adore those little Christmas birdies? The few I have don't have any feet so they just rest precariously on the tree! Is the market you go to held every week? It seems fabulous!

  5. You scored big time- great trike- if I see trike wheels, like that, I buy and display them on a plate stand.

  6. Oh you so made my day Tamarah!

    Your comment was so amazingly kind!It's great to hear from you,this blog world is so great thing because it shows so many nice things from all over the world!

    You have so much nice pictures and all those vintage things i so love!

    And you make me smile when you wrote that you can almost here my accent! You just cannot think how many times i have wondered how my writing must sound/show in your eyes!?I have only studiet english in comprehensive school!;)

    Have great day!


  7. Wow did you ever find some amazing finds!! Love the old buckets, the brackets & the trike is 2die4!!! Just found YOU and will follow!