Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Finds - Some Days are Diamonds....!

I SO LOVE Saturdays....The end of the work week behind me & 48 hours worth of endless possibilities before me....!!

This morning I headed back over the Westgate to the 'skanky market' to see Joe with the HUGE green wine bottles who I met on the 12th March.  I only bought one of three last time as I was worried I wouldn't be able to clean them properly or they may have some damage that I couldn't see due to being encased in a wicker basket secured with wire....As luck would have it, the one I bought cleaned up BEAUTIFULY & had NO blemishes at all so today I lashed out & bought the other two....!

This is the three of them on my sideboard all clean & YUMMY....I've asked Mr SVJ if he would make me another sideboard though as this oak piece is too dark for the space & I need something a tad longer....I'll draw him up a picture tomorrow & we'll head over to the salvage yard next Saturday for some wood....!

Here they are before I snipped off the wire....

And after....VERY grubby....Cleaning them both took FOREVER....!!

I found these three Treasures at a garage sale....GORGEOUS rose print, powder blue floral quilt & childrens pattern....The lovely Italian lady I bought these from told me they were amongst the FIRST items she purchased when she moved to Australia in the 50's....Would you believe I snagged the three for $5.00.... :o) !!!

The funny thing is....I've NEVER had much luck with garage sales so this haul has made me re-evaluate them as potential gold mines....!

I found this AWSOME piece at the 'skanky market'....LOL....I got a REAL workout too as it was the first thing I found after I found Joe & paid him for the bottles....I had to lug it around for 45 minutes & it weighs in at a HEFTY 9kg (20lb)....! It came off a dock/jetty & would have been used to tie down a boat when it moored along side....It has some words on it that I can't quite read though I think I may be able to see it better once of introduced it to poly tomorrow....!


If you were out & about Treasure Hunting today I hope you had a 'good one'....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)


  1. Tamarah, I am waiting to see what you do with that dock thing!. The rose painting is lovely and quite collectable. I have 2 and have been looking for more, but seldom see them, and when I do they are pricey. Good haul today.

  2. Great finds, yes garage sales can be great but I can often spend a Saturday morning with nothing to show for it either. Mind you the same can be said for markets so you gotta give it a go anyway!
    ps. love that ship dock tie, its amazing!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS I want to go shopping with you!! WOW! Great finds! Thank you so much for visiting my blog too. I just love how blogs make this world a bit smaller and we are able to connect with others from around the globe. Thanks again! Have a great day!

  4. Oops, forgot, I ADORE you terrier collection!!!