Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A NEW Year....A NEW Office & a NEW Project....

Happy NEW YEAR Vintage Friends FAR & WIDE....!

I hope everyone survived the silly season intact....Unfortunately, I didn't get to participate in the Christmas festivities with you all this year....The reasons for which are twofold....I downloaded a toolbar mid November which has created havoc when using Google Chrome....For whatever reason I'm no longer able to log in to several sites when using GC....Blogger being one of them & using my iPad to blog just hasn't been practical or possible as I have my iPhone in my pocket when I'm out an about to take my pics....I'm afraid to say it has ONLY just occurred to me today to use Safari....**sigh**....Technical issues aside, Mr SVJ & I have also taken on a rather substantial project....Our FIRST JOINT venture, we're frantically 'clearing the decks' here at home to ensure we're ready to take on this new gig....More about that later....!!!!!

Right now I want to show you my NEW office....

Almost two years ago we discovered our bathroom had not been sealed properly when this place was built & subsequently, water had been leaking into the wall cavity & into my office from the moment we moved in....
This wall, the floor joists below & floor in the adjoining hall were damaged....TERRIBLY....After MUCH tooing & froing with our insurer, we received compensation & Mr SVJ took on the arduous task of gutting the bathroom completely, replacing the floor joists & building me a new wall....
The NEW carpet was laid last week & the cream walls were repainted white & began moving back in....
Happy HAPPY....JOY....JOY....!
I moved in three locker units to house Etsy stock as well as the multitude of smalls I gather in my travels....
The pale grey really pops off the white....!
18 x cubbies to STASH Treasures in....**wink**....!!!!!
The new carpet received the HIGHEST of praise from little Hartley....!!!
As my office is quite often used to work on projects eg. painting pieces, pulling things apart etc....I need to utilise as much floor space as I can so my desk actually sits in the wardrobe....
Filled with tiny treasures to make me SMILE OUT LOUD when I'm engaged in the most BORING of tasks....eg....PAPERWORK....**wink**....
Aside from a few pieces gathered during my visits to the US, or given to me by Friends....The majority of these Treasures were gleaned from the Hard Rubbish....
The clear desktop is NOT an indication that I'm up to date with my paperwork....And that is ANOTHER reason why I need as MUCH floor space as possible....
But I digress....These 7 x plastic finger puppets from the 1950's are amongst my most VALUED Tiny Treasures....I positively ADORE them....!!!!!!!!!!
The little green toy cast iron bathroom set is also another long termer here at Casa de SVJ....!!
Gorgeous old matchbox cars & squeaky toy cat....LOVE....!!!!!
This little lantern is part of a brand new collection inspired my Friends, Glenny & Daniel from the Red Brick Barn who have a FABULOUS collection of these little cuties....!!!!!

I'll show you some more pics in a couple of weeks when my office is finished....Right after the above pics were taken I started emptying out our bedroom as we're repainting the ENTIRE house white to cover that AWFUL cream I've endured for the last 6 years....!!!!!

Now that I know I can use Safari to get into my blog I'll be back posting more regularly....Future posts will include:

Vintage Showcase Recap
Rachel Ashwell, The Prairie & Me
A Week In The Life Of....
Bread & Butter

Now I must away....I hope you all have an amazingly PRODUCTIVE day....Unless of course you're having a day off....If this is the case I hope your day is filled with Bonnie Doon type SERENITY....!!!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)

PS:  Hello Jenny & Sue....See you at Fryerstown....!!!!!


  1. Those lockers are amazing and what great storage for your inventory! It's nice to have you back!

    1. Hello Gina....!

      THANKS for the welcome back Lovey....I tried to email you the other day but it bounced back....I'll have another crack this evening as I have some FAB news to share....**wink**....!!

      Tamarah xx

  2. I love your desk! And the lockers... oh how I love those lockers!

    1. THANKS Melissa....I've had the lockers for some time now sitting in my space down at The Vintage Shed & have been ITCHING to get them home....They certainly are worth their weight in space saving GOLD....!!!!!

      Have a GREAT week....!!

      Tamarah :o)

  3. Happy new year, Tamarah! You have the BEST stuff ever!! Love your desk. x

    1. Morning Nic....!

      I hope you & your Family had a LOVELY break over Chrissy....!!

      Can you believe we're in the THIRD week of January ALREADY....CRIKEY....??!!

      I hope we get to catch up soon....!!!!!

      Have an AWESOME week....!!

      Tam xx

  4. Ooh, Tam, I love your new office and all your littles treasures in the cubby. I am desperate for a vintage caravan at the moment and your toy ones are just fabulous. I will be searching for a few of my own until the real thing is sitting in the backyard. I like how you can close your desk off from the rest of the room. Looking forward to a great new year...and interested to hear more of your join venture. Tam x

    1. Heya GORGEOUS....!!

      I'm FLAT CHAT today but will sit down this evening & send you a note....**wink**....!!!!!

      I'd LOVE a wee vintage caravan too....If I'm LUCKY enough to come across TWO I'll let you know....**smile**....!!

      Cheers 'til later,
      Tam xx

  5. Howdy Tammy!!~~
    I was wondering where youse was!!

    the office is starting to take real shape..love those lockers..
    All good here at " Willi central"....not much happening except the usual..

    hope to catch up soon..xxx andrea/eric/sooty~~~

    1. Oh Andrea I'm DESPERATE to cross the bridge & come visit....I have some FAB news to share....Maybe after Fryerstown is behind me I can come over & visit you & Soot & your GORGEOUS Dad....!!

      I bet you are one HAPPY Tennis LOVING Camper at the moment with the Australian Open on our doorstep....Are you going to any of the games....??

      Take care Lovey Ill be in touch soon....!!

      Cheers from across the bridge,
      Tam xxx

  6. welcome back to blogging! Love the new room, all that 'stuff' and the lockers...love love love.... can't wait to hear more news from you and Mr.SVJ

    1. GORGEOUS Lyndel....We haven't 'spoken' in an AGE....It's WONDERFUL tohear from you Love....!!!!!!!!!!

      I hope all is well with you....I've been wondering if you've moved & if you're still coming over my way during the week....?

      I'd LOVE to catch up with you soon....Maybe we could meet up at Glen Waverley if you're planning a trip over....??

      have a WONDERFUL week & I look forward to seeing you soon....!!!!!

      Cheers for now,
      Tamarah xx

  7. The desk and all your tiny treasures are fabulous!!
    And those lockers...DIE!!!

    1. Hello SueAnn....!

      HAPPY NEW YEAR to you....I HOPE you've been well Love....!!!!!

      I just ADORE my teeny weenies & have enjoyed far too many 'moments' moving them about....hahahaha....

      I'm SO GLAD I found these lockers....They're really helping contain the 'stuff' I bring home & keep my space clear....No ONLY if I could find a locker for my head....I'm in SERIOUS need of organisation there....**wink**....!!!!!

      Have a FABULOUS week my Friend....!!!!!

      Cheers from Oz,
      Tamarah xx

  8. Love the lockers and finger puppets!

    1. Hello there....THANKS so much for stopping by.... :o) !!!!!

      Now that I FINALLY have the lockers in my office I don't think I'll be parting with them any time soon....I wish I had a couple more actually....**wink**....!!

      The liitle finger puppets are my FAVE Teeny Treasures....I've never seen another set like them & they just make me SMILE OUT LOUD whenever my gave lights upon them....I ADORE them....!!!!!

      Here's hoping you have an EXTRAORDINARY week....!!!!!!!!!!

      Tamarah :o)

  9. Those lockers are brilliant for storage, especially as I glance over at my ugly-yet-functional-yet-still-very-ugly etsy storage shelves...

    Will you be going to Texas this year?

  10. GORGEOUS Amy....!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Sweetheart....I hope you your Family had a WONDERFUl Chrissy....!!!!!

    I WISH you were closer Lovey....I'd help you find some lockers for your space....I'm LOVING how I can HIDE all the Treasures away & make my space 'appear' under control....hahahaha....I HIGHLY recommend finding something similar if you can....!!!!!

    I'm sitting down tonight to send you a note re my plans this year....I have LOTS of news....**wink**....!!!!!

    Unitl 'wine o'clock',
    Tamarah xx

  11. Hello Poppet, your little collections are divine as are the lockers, if only I had the space. Sigh!

    Wonderful to hear from you again, you've been a busy little beaver. Girls are keeping me on my toes on these holidays, not much me time.


  12. Wow! Your office looks like SVJ Central 😉
    It was great to see you at Fryerstown I hope the rest of the weekend was great for you.
    Looking forward to more updates 😉
    Maureen xx

  13. I love all your posts.. GIRL I am looking for some of those jars you have with the green lids can you go to my facebook page and HIT LIKE LOL and inbox me the name of them and where I can find some of those ... Thanks in advance if you can ... HUGS from Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl

  14. I love what you did with the lockers. Actually, I totally love your taste and creativity. Vintage rocks.

  15. Carpet has the cat seal of approval! Haha

    How goes the office makeover? I really like where you’re going with the lockers. Can’t wait to see what you’ve done with it!

    Clayton Steadham

  16. Love it all my friend. Just awesomeNESS all over the place. I love the LOCKERS so much they are fabulous

  17. You have a nice office! Those lockers would definitely do well in keeping your stash. Are you planning on repainting the lockers or not? If I can make a suggestion, I’d say it’d be great if you did, if just to clear out the scratches on the paint and make it look clean. You see, it looks so worn against the clean wall.

    Scott Olpin

  18. Love seeing this space. Eye candy galore!

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