Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza - Vintage Furniture & Homewares Show: An Invitation....!

It is with the GREATEST of pleasure I extend to you this invitation to join us at the Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza - Vintage Furniture & Homewares Show....!

Whether your vintage passion is for country, French provincial, industrial, Shabby Chic, granny or pretty vintage, the FIFTEEN hand picked Vendors participating in this AWESOME Vintage Show will be able to accommodate your EVERY vintage desire....!!!!!

The first FIFTEEN people to book & pay for their Early Bird Tickets will receive a handmade tote (PERFECT for carrying all your Vintage Treasures) made from recycled canvas awning.... shabbyvintagejunk@hotmail.com ....! 

When - Friday 3rd June & Saturday 4th June 2011

What Time - Friday:  12noon - 1pm (Early Birds ONLY - Bookings Essential)
                                       1pm - 6pm (General entry)
                      Saturday:   8am - 4pm (General entry)

Where   -  ASHBURTON SCOUT HALL, 337 High Street, Ashburton (Melways ref# 60 E10)

Parking - Ample FREE parking for our Customers is available adjacent to the Scout Hall.  There is also free parking available in the streets surrounding the hall.

Wheelchairs & Prams - The Scout Hall does not currently have ramp access however, the step into the hall is quite low & we will be able to assist anyone in a wheelchair wishing to visit....!!

Mums & Dads with prams are welcome however, due to the amount of people moving about the hall it is preferable (when possible) prams be 'parked' in the foyer while you're shopping.

Amenities - There are no public toilets available on the premises for our Customers.

Entry Fee - $5.00 General Entry (per person), $15.00 Early Bird Entry (per person).

Payment Options - This will vary from Vendor to Vendor so to be on the safe side, make sure you bring plenty of cash.  There are ATM's just down from the Scout Hall in High Street & Safeway is 300m up the road for EFT withdrawals.

Vendor Enquiries - If you're interested in participating in the NEXT Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza scheduled for this coming October, please contact me at shabbyvintagejunk@hotmail.com


  1. Wow, great flyer Tamarah! Looks like a fantastic event!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the flyer........that would beckon me for sure.....

  3. That looks to good to be true my dear Tamarah! Oh I sure wish I could be one first twenty LOL. You do have some cool treasures for sure. I just have to admire them from this far distance. Byaaah!!! Maybe some day my dear friend we meet =)

    Have a great day!
    Greetings from FIN
    Suvi xxx

  4. How exciting for you.Hope it is a wonderful experience.I shall drool from afar!

  5. Yay! I just loved the extravaganza last year - can't wait for this one! Nic x

  6. fantastic! I'll be there for sure, just around the corner from me!! yay!!♥

  7. Oh girl you know I'd be there if there was any way for me to sneak across the pond. I'm sure it will be a fab event!


  8. Do you know how badly I want to book a flight and hop on over there so I can attend this event? Why can't I just win the lotto? The flyer looks great!

  9. Sounds fabulous! Why, oh why, must I be an ocean away?

  10. Tamarah, Hope you have a fabulous show. The flyer looks great! Texas is a far way to make it. Wish it was closer. Have fun with this! judy

  11. Sounds lovely, wish I could be there.

  12. Fab flyer Tam, wish I could be there :(

  13. OMG - I want to be there! love your poster - great graphics and photos....best of luck to you!

  14. You're amazing Tam,it looks like an awesome event and wish l could be there to have a scrounge. Good luck with it all, l'm sure it will be a HUGE success.

  15. Dear Tamarah..

    I can feel it in "me OLD BONES" that THIS fair is gonna be a REAL BEAUTY!!!~~

    xx andrea

  16. Agree with Andrea (of course!) it can only get bigger and better!

  17. Sounds wonderful for sure!!

  18. Congratulations!! Looks amazing, and I know it will be!! Enjoy the ride=)...here you go!

  19. Hey Tamarah Love the poster and will be there for sure, would love to be an early bird...will let you know asap....Leah X

  20. Hi Tamarah, I was going to link up regardless of the giveaway...but since you're offering...please count me in! Reason why I hadn't linked b4 was because blogger was being unco-operative!!
    I'm so looking forward to visiting SVJE, loved it last year and bonus, will get to see all the lovely vendors again! see ya soon xo

  21. I am sooo excited..I can't wait. I have been hoarding treasures in readiness. Watch out girls I am bringing some awesome vintage shabby and industrial pieces with me....thats if I can bring myself to part with them hehehe.....not long now!!

  22. Hope it's all going well Tam, and that you're enjoying what's probably a bit of a roller coaster ride. I've never added a sidebar button, so thanks for the instruction. It's really big, so hopefully it'll get lots of attention. Thinking of you and all your efforts. What an amazing event it's gonna be. Good Luck. Bron.

  23. I posted your button on my blog, good luck, girly! Lezlee