Sunday, February 20, 2011

I've showed you some Frogs....Now here are some Princes....!!!!!

Morning Wonderful Recycling Friends Everywhere....!

We've been without internet access for several days due to a faulty coaxil & I've been ITCHING to share a few HR finds (Princes) from early last week....I won't linger as I need to unload & head back out....

I popped this pic up first....It's a little on the blurry side sorry but it's a PERFECTLY decayed Victorian oil on canvas of fruit....!!

Isn't it BEAUTIFUL....KEEPER....!
Now here all my 'Princes' together....
The glass front cabinet has been cleaned however it needs a fresh pane of glass as this one's cracked in two places & the shelves need wallpaper or painting due to staining....
This ironstone jug is also a KEEPER....Cracked over the years with BAD repairs & in need of MORE (pieces were inside) it's STILL a BEAUTY & I'll use it to house big floppy flowers....A tall jar inside to fill with water & Bob's your uncle....!
SEVEN frames in total....DIVINE....!
STUNNING turqoise lamp base, 2 x Pyrex pieces, tin....ANOTHER Le Crueset frypan (these things are CALLING to me in the HR i SWEAR), enamel bowl & an AWESOME trouble light....I collect them so it's a KEEPER....Oh & the table everything is sitting on.
HUGE wooden storage case painted GREEN inside....LOVELY....!
An old Hills swing seat....Can you say K-E-E-P-E-R....And a Willow bin....** sigh **
LOVE this sweet kettle, Willow Measure & TWO Willow freezer blocks....I've NEVER found these in the HR before....SCORE....!!
And this was my BEST find of ALL....I pulled up to a pile & there was a rusty TOTALLY DEAD Willow peddle bin....I thought to myself...."I BET it doesn't have the galvanised insert"....And LOW & BEHOLD when I lifted the rusted lid there it was (in PERFECT condition) shining like a BEACON & I SWEAR there were angels & a deep voice saying, "I've been waiting for you."....PINKY SWEAR....hahahahahaha.....
My PREVIOUS Princely find is NOW complete....*** BIG FAT SATISFIED sigh ***
Last but by no means least a heap of tools....KEEPERS all now residing in my tool box....!

Well I must away....TOMORROW is my day off & I hope to be able to spend some QUIET time on my computer in the Land Of Blog....Until then....Take CARE....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)


  1. Hello My Dear Tamarah, Wow! Wow! Wow!
    What a great lot of HR that is.I love everything. Oh how I wish that I didn't live 150 k's away and that I could go hard rubbish shopping with you.
    Don't forget to save some pennies for the annual Good Friday Garage Sale. I'm going to be ruthless, ha ha.

  2. Yay, hard rubbish is on in my area, in April..overjoyed to hear about that news on the weekend...
    Good snaffling of HR there....lovely finds...x

  3. Great stuff but the white peddle bin with red lid, that would look awesome at my house:)

  4. I'll arm wrestle you for the bin. :)
    You find the best stuff. I wish we had HR day here.

  5. I'll wrestle you for the frames! You'll be worn out after you wrestle with Suzanne. :)

  6. Great finds girl! I really need to find a desk for myself. Just a small one for me to put my monitor on. I really have to get organised and come out with you in the next week or so.

  7. You sure found some great Princes there.
    I'm liking that cabinet and those wood frames.

  8. That cabinet - wowza! Great finds all around!


  9. Wonderful finds! The bins are awesome.

  10. you sure do have the 'eye' for a good find.

  11. Hello darling Tamarah!

    I've missed you! You do find the best stuff =) I love blue cabinet and those frames. I still need a couple more =) I will send you an email an tell some more =)

    Take care and cheers from Finland


  12. Tamarah....

    you are most welcome to bring it ALL to lunch tomorrow !!~

    don't feel guilty!!


    xx andrea

  13. Great finds...all!! Love the tin!!! And that wooden box is fabulous!

  14. Your Princes look fantastic after a scrub up by the hard working princess and in a new setting!
    Well done!

  15. The little chippy plant stand is awesome. How amazing that you found the bin insert to match! You should have bought a lottery ticket that day:)

  16. You found some seriousy fabulous chippy junk.
    Ohhhhh how I want it to be Spring!!
    xox Jeanne.

  17. Your followers just increased by ONE...yes that was me!

    Looking out for the swing seats for you

    xo Gail

  18. Make that by TWO...... great day today

  19. You find the BEST junk!! Love the oil... love victorian oils of fruit, roses and seascapes!

  20. Hi Miss Shabby!! Those are some awesome 'princes' you got there! How interesting, too, since I have never seen some of that cool stuff before! Thanks for visiting my blog--believe it or not, at that crazy show I did in FL, no one is allowed to buy or sell before 10 a.m. the first day of the show!! We do of course, but they won't let you come back if they catch you--weird, huh?

  21. Oh My Lovely! You really are the queen (princess?) of HR! A big sigh for the pedal bin... Ryn x

  22. Ohhh how I LOOOOVE that white pitcher! I'm seriously like loving it. haha! What marvelous finds! Hugs to you!
    ~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~

  23. OH DO find the best stuff...I can't wait until all this snow is gone and I can get out there again! LOVE all the wonderful comments you left for me today~ it was like a BIG hello!!

  24. Those are the most fantastic finds!! I am never that lucky. :)

  25. I quietly screamed when I viewed your stash!! I want to get my hands on your junk pile!!!=) Such happy junking finds-...I cannot wait for my day in the junking sun=)...any day now!

  26. LOVE looking at thrift finds!!!

  27. Tamarah, love all your finds. I wanted you to know that as you requested before, I posted photos of my rehabilitated vintage suitcase. I also wrote a small post mentioning you in my Happy Women's Day post! Hope all is well with you...