Friday, October 1, 2010

The things we do for our Friends....Chania....This one's for you Lovey....!!

Morning Junking Friends both near & far....!

I PROMISE my US Junking Adventures are on the way however, I wanted to particpate in my GORGEOUS Friend Chania from Razmataz weekly photo challenge....This weeks challenge was Self Portrait....Now anyone who knows me well will attest that I LOATHE having my pic taken....As a matter of fact, Mr SVJ & I are about to celebrate our 13 Anniversary & we have LESS than 10 x pics of our life together for this VERY reason....Sad I know....You may well wonder why this is so & to be honest, I can't really say....I do remember something being said when I was very young about an 'unfortunate looking school photo'....hmmmmm....Perhaps it's due to the fact that in most pics taken of me my lips are screwed up oddly....In any case, all I know with any certainty is that I ADORE Chania & have put the discomfit I feel at having my pic taken aside for a moment to reveal the 'raw me'....!!

Chania writes:

"The blogging world is odd in the sense that we know most people through cyberspace only.

Our image of our blogging buddy may be completely different from reality.

Do you have a physical image or impression of a person whose blog you read.? I wonder how close to reality that is.Maybe that's why blogging is so popular. The initial judgements on appearance is not there. We can be whoever we want to be."

Food for thought indeed....Chania has hit the nail on the head with these observations & her question had me reflecting on HOW I judge people when I meet them in real life versus HOW I judge them here in blogland.

I posted this pic first (although it was the 3rd taken) as I feel it accurately reflects who I am....I'm quick to laugh & here I am kacking myself over Baxter & Harley (our two adored fur babies) after they ran into each other on the deck resulting in fisticuffs, hissing & summersaults....hahahahaha....

OK....So here I am just out of bed not 4 minutes after realising I was running behind for Chania's challenge.

....hmmmmmm....OK so I need to hold the camera more to the left....

One more for the road....

Well there you have it....Needless to say, you probably won't see a pic of me for a good long while other than those taken of me when I was Junkin' in the US recently....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)


  1. Hi Tamarah,

    I for one thought the photos of you junking in the fields of Round Top were quite fetching. It was because you were doing what you love the most and you looked happy!

    Second Hand Chicks

  2. Love your photos! You're beautiful!

  3. What fun you are! Well it is terribly difficult to take photos of yourself as you said so I did not. You are very cute and I especially love the first one. ♥olive

  4. Thank you thank you thank you. You really went the extra mile. I hazed mine over with a sepia fix.

    Yours takes first prize.

  5. So funny! But I always thought of you as a blond. Did you just color your hair? I am not much for pictures myself which is why I am a starfish! HA! I should work on that.

  6. It's so true! I'm always shocked when I meet a fellow junky blogger in person and they never look like I expected! Thanks for being so brave! PS I also imagined you blonde

  7. Cheeky photos! You are an imp and it shows in your writing skills as well as your lovely face! Lucky me...I've seen that face in the flesh!
    Amazing the cowinkydinks that run in I love seeing the faces of people I blog best thing to being with them!

  8. Well, I must say that I love your pictures, and you are right that we sometimes project an image in blogland with out even knowing it! Your are just beautiful, inside & out!
    Cheers from your little texas friend!

  9. Hi Tamarah, this is the fourth time I have attempted to post a message...they keep disappearing...pooh. Lovely photos, you won't see me anytime soon on blogland :)

    Happy upcoming anniversary :) Tamara

  10. Are you yelling "Cheeky Bugga" in that first pic?????

    You need a pic of yourself on your profile. I love the ones of you in round top. Especially with your sun hat on :)


  11. Hello gorgeous girl,

    Great to have you back safe and sound and looking oh so cute.

    Wow! 13 years, congrats to you both.

    Keep on smiling.


  12. Fabulous!! I love to envision a real and true person when I read a blog...don't want those "alter ego web people" who are afraid to show their real self and make up a false personality. LOVED meeting you at MN, and I've been bragging about my new friends since!! (you asked on our blog about our sale...Sept 17th, 2011 from 9am-3pm...North Dakota time! Yes, I suppose same weekend as Junk Bonanza, due to a family conflict, but hey...Bonanza on Thursday and road trip to JunkFest Saturday !!!)

    Missy (SweetMelissa)

  13. I love it! Great picts and you should never hide from a camera. I like your face. :) Kit

  14. Tamarah - love it, love it! Your picture is just how I imagined you to be. I would never want you to be anything else other than who you are!

  15. This is the second
    blog post today I
    have read about this
    challenge and I think
    it's wonderful, as
    are YOU, Tamarah! I
    never planned to show
    my mug when I first
    started blogging, but
    since it is very hard
    to share your heart without
    sharing yourself ~ including
    your picture. So kudos!
    And can't wait to see what
    you do with all of your
    junking treasures!
    xx Suzanne

  16. You goof! Love your new header! Well, I didn't make it to Marburger today after all. Instead, I spent 5 hours driving around to all the sales in my very own neighborhood this morning. It was CRAZY! Next year, I will plan better!

  17. I've just come over from RAZMATAZ and I love your post and your blog. I love your honesty and sense of fun - must come from being an Aussie. My brother lives in Perth!

  18. Hello!!! So nice to 'see' you ;) Fabulous post and gorgeous pics lovely lady!! SO nice to see who it is, that is always so kind and sweet with her comments to me:) Funny, I also pictured you as a blonde (I have absolutely no idea why... I love the colour of your hair!). Can't wait to hear more about your junkin adventures you lucky lady!! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend ~ Tinaxx

  19. Hi dear Tamarah!!! It's so nice to see who you are!!!! I love this challenge from talented Chania: it gives me the occasion to finally see some of the incredible women out there in blogland!! =)
    How many treasures have you discovered during your junking journey?


  20. There you are! Brilliant sweet shining light! Love it!

  21. Fun post, Tamarah~ I know just what you mean...I always have a hard time recognizing people I meet~ but I recognized you right off at Junk Bonanza, from the video you had posted! It's so much easier from a video, because you see a person's personality and vitality!

  22. A cutie pa tootie for sure!
    Love the pics!!

  23. Lady, you are a hoot! Now I must go snoop for the pics of you in Texas!

    Happy Anniversary to you & the hubs!

  24. Ms Tamarah, well done brave girl your photos show what a cheeky fun person you are!! Please post some more photos of your trip....I am hanging out to see more. Hugs Sam

  25. Simply adorable!!! Love your're so silly! ;) I hope you're doing great and Happy Anniv!!! WOOT!!
    Hugs to you my friend,
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrou Decor~

  26. Oh Tamarah, you are just gorgeous! You look the bubbly, friendly, happy, cheeky, gorgeous and beautiful person that I imagined you to be. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr SVJ, xxx

  27. Hey lovely lady, you are very brave, I feel the same about photos, very well done....I love them, cheers katherine

  28. Love the pics, We need a junkin post, I know you've got a lot to sort through but... Do i need to come down there and take you in hand to get you started-Again????


    Show us some pics of your adventures.